A family tree of the Randell's of North Walsham, Norfolk compiled from the Census records of 1841 to 1901
Ironmongers ~ Farmers ~ Victorians

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John RANDELL 1777

In 1841 John Randell was living in Market Place, North Walsham. He was age 60 and married to wife Sarah Hunter. Together they had two children at home, James an Ironmonger age 30 and a daughter Sarah, age 20.
The parish register indicates they had three other children. William Hunter Randell who lived nearby in North Walsham, an earlier James Randell who died age 5 and finally Elizabeth Hunter Randell who married farmer Robert Lacey.
John's first wife Sarah Hunter, died two years after the 1841 census and three years later, John Randell remarried. On 5 June 1846 he took Jane Osborn as his bride. She was almost twenty years his junior, at the time of his second marriage he was already 66.
Critically, his marriage certificate from the second union states his father’s identity as James Randell, a farmer in North Walsham.
The Norfolk Parish Register records the birth of John Randell in Barningham, on 12 July, 1777. His parents are revealed to be farmer James Randell and his wife Esther Spooner who naturally lived in Barningham, Norfolk.
John Randell records his place of birth as Bessingham in the 1861 census and Matlaske in 1851. Bessingham, Barningham and Matlaske form a small triangle and are a few minutes apart. I don’t think the residents of any of these locations would be offended to hear them called small rural communities. Presumably, the Randell property sat somewhere within the confines of these three locations allowing for a little latitude in it’s exact description.
John Randell appears in early documentation as a carpenter but he clearly laid the foundation stones of the Randell ironmongers business. His immediate descendants took their opportunities and ultimately Frederick Randell expanded the business into F Randell Ltd. Today the a continuation of the original enterprise still exists, as Randell Agriculture Limited.
By the 1851 census, Jane and John Randell were living in Free School Road and he was recorded as a retired Ironmonger. He continued living at this location until his death aged 85 in October 1863.

ANCESTRY ~ Unknown / James / John

James RANDELL 1802

James Randell was born prior to the formal census record or birth certificates of today but parish records indicate he was born 13 June 1802 and christened three days later in North Walsham. He was recorded as the son of John and Sarah Randell. Sadly he died as a child, age around five years in 1907.
A second boy born to the couple in 1810 was also named James.

ANCESTRY ~ Unknown / James / John / James

Sarah HUNTER 1781

Sarah Hunter married John Randell in Bacton Church in 1799. She appears in only one census record, that of 1841. She wais recorded as age 60 and born in Norfolk with no others facts entered. Less than three years later, 4 August 1843 Sarah aged 63 died. She was buried in St Nicholas’ Churchyard, North Walsham 11th August 1843.

John and Sarah Randell had the following children;

William Hunter RANDELL 1800, North Walsham, Norfolk
James RANDELL 1802, North Walsham, Norfolk
Elizabeth Hunter RANDELL 1808, North Walsham, Norfolk
James RANDELL 1810, North Walsham, Norfolk
Sarah RANDELL 1819, North Walsham, Norfolk

Jane OSBORN 1797

Jane Osborn was John Randell's second wife. Jane married John Randell on the 5 June 1846 in North Walsham, three years after the death of his first wife Sarah Hunter.
In common with almost all females in this tree, not much is known about Jane Osborn, other than she was a widow when she married John Randell and her maiden name prior to her first marriage had been Barber. The marriage certificate reveals that the wedding took place under the guidance of Vicar W F Wilkinson, presumably in St Nicholas’s and was witnessed by Charles and Mary Barber, who I suspect are the brother and sister in law of Jane. The documents were signed by both males whilst the Jane and Mary registered their attendance with a mark. The certificate states her father was John Barber, a brewer in North Walsham.
Jane appears in three census records as John's wife and was born around 1797, somewhere in Norfolk. On each appearance in the census her age and place of birth differs. The three named places, Rudham, Lynn and Worstead don't appear remotely close to each other. However Lyngate is just north of Worstead and these are not far from North Walsham. Her varying age I put down to vanity or senile dementia or both. Either way she was considerably younger than John Randell.
She outlived him by nine years, ultimately dying age 78, in October 1872 at home in North Walsham.

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