A family tree of the Randell's of North Walsham, Norfolk compiled from the Census records of 1841 to 1901
Ironmongers ~ Farmers ~ Victorians

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Horace RANDELL 1847

Horace Randell was the youngest boy of James Randell and Mary Gambling. He was born in North Walsham, 9 September 1847 and lived out his entire life there.
For his first twenty years he stayed in the family home in Market Place. Finally moving with his widowed mother and niece Alice to the pleasant sounding, The Oaks. He never married and remained at The Oaks until his death, age 49, on 22 October 1896.
Effectively, his niece Alice, lived her entire childhood in his guardianship. She arrived as a small child and only married the year after his death.
Horace rather modestly described himself as a 'Ironmonger in the firm of Randell Brothers'. In the same period Frederick noted that Randell Brothers employed '33 men and 11 boys'.

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Mary Jane RANDELL 1849

Mary Jane Randell was Horace's younger sister, she was immediately below him in the family. In Victorian times almost a quarter of all children born failed to live until their tenth birthday. Tragically, Mary Jane falls in to this group. She was born in North Walsham, in the first months of 1849 and died nine years later during the late spring of 1858 on the 27 May.

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