A family tree of the Randell's of North Walsham, Norfolk compiled from the Census records of 1841 to 1901
Ironmongers ~ Farmers ~ Victorians

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Frank RANDELL (Gambling) 1868

The laws regarding registering births in the UK created a constraint in which Frank Randell, and his two sisters, Mary Jane and Ellen, could only be recorded with the surname ‘Gambling’. This is an anomaly created because their father Frederick was born prior to the marriage of his parents. However, the census record is absolutely consistent that they are always called Randell.
Frank Randell, lived with his parents Frederick and Fanny Valentine at home in North Walsham. He followed his father into the Ironmongers business and in 1891 he was recorded as the Manager of the Implements Works. At the time he was 22 years old and unmarried. Ten years later in the last census available to us, he was described as an Engineer, Agricultural.
By 1901 Frank was married to Emily Ann Howes and had four children, they lived with his widowed father Frederick in Bacton Road, North Walsham and enjoy the comforts of three domestic servants.
Frank married Emily Ann Howes in the mid summer of 1891 in Coltishall, Norfolk. Emily was already connected to the Randell family, being established as Franks sister in law after the marriage of her elder brother Edward to Frank’s sister Ellen.
In the following years a range of Randells are born in Smallburgh district including William Howes Randell in 1904, perhaps a perfect match to Geoffrey Randell Howes his older cousin.

ANCESTRY ~ James / John / James / Frederick / Frank

Emily Ann HOWES 1864

Emily Anne Howes was the younger sister of Edward John Howes and was consequently already the sister in law of Frank Randell when she married him in the summer of 1891. Like her brother she was born in Ingram, Norfolk however she was eight years his junior being born 24 June 1865.
The Howes family were farmers who owned a 311 acres farm in Coltishall, Norfolk. The census record show her father John Howes almost doubled the size of his farm in 30 years. John Howes was born in Happisburgh, Norfolk. Whilst Emily's mother Caroline was born in 1825 not far south of Lowerstoft in Bramfield, Suffolk.
Following her marriage to Frank Randell the couple lived in North Walsham sharing with Frederick Senior and naming one of their children after him.

Frank and Emily had the following children:

Frank Victor RANDELL 1892 North Walsham
John Howes RANDELL, 1895 North Walsham
Caroline Emily RANDELL 1897 North Walsham
Frederick RANDELL 1899 North Walsham
Ellen Mary RANDELL 1901 North Walsham
William Howes RANDELL 1904 North Walsham
Janie Haward RANDELL 1907 North Walsham

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