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William RANDELL 1844

William Randell was the third child of Thomas Randell and Judith Mayes. He was christened 21 November 1844 but died within a few days. He was buried in Cromer 29 November 1844.
A second William Randell was born eighteen months later. I find it interesting that the name William was used twice, as prior to that point, I'm not aware of any family member called William.

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John RANDELL 1858

John Randell was born 19 May 1858 to Thomas & Judith Randell. He was baptised in Cromer, 4 July 1858. Sadly he died 12 May 1859 a few days short of his first birthday. His death was recorded in Holt giving the best indication of when the family moved from Cromer to Holt. He was the second of their children to die as an infant, William 1844 being the other.

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William RANDELL 1846

In the National Census of 1851, William Randell aged five was living in Cromer, enjoying the security and comfort of his parents, Thomas Randell and Judith Mayes.
In the census his date of birth was recorded as 1846 which is entirely consistent with the following 1861 census because confusingly, two William's were born to Thomas and Judith. Both boys were christened at St Peter & Paul's Church, Cromer. The first William was born 21 November, 1844 and was buried a mere eight days later on 29 November. The second William Randell was born 9 March, 1846 at the family home in Brooke St, Cromer.
By the census of 1861 the Randell family had decamped to Holt and were living in Hall Street. William was living with his parents, aged 15 and a Butchers Boy.
Unfortunately, William is not recorded in any further UK census records but a notice placed in the 'Norwich Post' 1 October, 1867 alerted me to his untimely death. 'DIED, On the 15th of July, at the Hospital in Melbourne, William, third son of Mr Thomas Randell of Holt.' A further article in The Melbourne Argus, catalogued the deaths at Melbourne hospital and included in the text was 'William Randall, 23, seaman, native of Norfolk; arrived in 1867 by the Excelsior; died of peritonitis. Parents unknown.'
It was difficult to find any further information but it seems that his ship the Excelsior docked in Sydney a few days later. It doesn't appear to be recorded as docking in Port Phillip Bay, the waters off Melbourne. Presumably the crew, seeing the situation, dropped William off in Melbourne before sailing on to their destination in Sydney. If any of the crew witnessed his death is impossible to confirm but as the hospital didn't appear to have a record of his parents, it has to be assumed the crew broke the news to Judith and Thomas on their return to Norfolk.
Unfortunately, 'Excelsior' was both a Star Trek starship and the steamship that brought the first millionaire prospectors back from the Klondike Gold-rush. Trying to find any thing about it's predecessor of 1867 is difficult. 'Excelsior' is a common nautical name but I think William may have been sailing on a merchant ship, around 350 tons, moving freight with very limited passenger access.

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