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Francis Daniel PRESTAGE 1886

Francis Daniel Prestage was born 27 February 1886 in New Jersey. He was the first of Honorine's two children, born almost twelve years of into her marriage with Paul Prestage. Honorine was aged 31 at his birth whilst Paul was 53 and significantly died before his son's six birthday.
Francis married a charming girl called Mary. Unfortunately she remains totally obscure, I'm unable to find her maiden name but according to the 1920 census she was born in Ireland in 1889 to an Irish father and English mother. She had arrived in America in 1903. Together Mary and Frank had two children, Patricia, born 1913 and Francis, born 17 February 1917.
Francis Daniel appears in the 1940 US Census as Frank Prestage aged 52 years a Plumber in construction work. He was recorded in the usual style as 'Male, white, married, educated to Year 8 and born New Jersey'. His wife Mary was also recorded aged 52, which varies slightly from the earlier census. She was said to be a 'Housewife, female, white, married, educated to Year 8' and narrowing the search slightly, born in the 'Irish Free State'.
Their son Frank Jr. was identified as aged 23, assisting his father and educated to year four high school. He was recorded born New York.
Both males were in full time employment that week. Their daughter Patricia was not living with them.
Their address at the time was 29 Park Avenue, Keansburg, Monmouth County, New Jersey and Frank responds to the question 'valuation of property' with an estimate of $4000, a figure which was generally well above the average for the street.
In 1942 Frank was also included in the collection of U.S. World War II Draft Registration Cards. Along with the standard information of date of birth etc. was a physical description, white, five feet six, 145 lbs, blue eyes, brown hair and a distinctive scar on his right leg. On that occasion he was described aged 56 and living at Park Ave, Keansburg. You could contact him by phone at Keansburg 277. His occupation was recorded simply as self employed with no reference to plumber. His business address was 23 Park Ave, Keansburg. Intriguingly, he offered ‘Joseph Hackett’ as the person who would always know his address.
He was also included in the First War Draft system but very little was recorded other than an address, 29 Park Ave, Keansburg, the same address as 1940.
Frank Prestage died, age 82, in May 1968, Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey.

Francis and Mary had the following children:

Patrica Prestage 1913 New Jersey, USA
Francis Prestage 1917 New Jersey, USA

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Arthur Nathaniel PRESTAGE 1895

Arthur Nathaniel Prestage was the second child of Honorine Prestage. His birth was registered 7 February 1895 in Orange County, New Jersey. Somewhat perplexingly this was two years and nine months after the death of Paul Prestage. A search of the available records from the time leads to the 1895 New Jersey Census which details the household of Honorine Ferguson, her partner Peter Ferguson and two children Frank Prestage and Arthur Ferguson. Unfortunately the New Jersey 1895 census is no more than a list of resident identified by household and race. Peter Ferguson and Honorine are both identified as white, born overseas and aged between 20 & 50 years. No Peter Ferguson was recorded in the 1900 Census.
By 1900 Arthur was identified as Arthur Prestage, by 1910 following the wedding of his mother, he was Arthur Wilson and by 1920 he was back to Arthur Prestage.
In 1930, Arthur aged 34, was living in Keyport, Monmouth, New Jersey married to Elizabeth who was aged 33. Together they have one child, a daughter called Helen H Prestage, aged 6 years.
Such is the nature of the 1930 New Jersey census, that I know the value of their home, which was recorded as $5000, that they were both white and that the couple married when he was 27. Despite all this I was unable to find the maiden name of either of the brothers wives.
Arthur, like his brother, was recorded in the 1942 U.S. World War II Draft Registration. At the time his address was 60 Green Grove Ave, Keyport and his phone number, Keyport 1350. He offered his wife Elizabeth as the person who would always know his address and noted he was self employed at his home address.
Physically he was simular to his brother, but taller, five nine and heavier at 165 lbs.
Arthur died age 73, in January 1968 in Union Beach, Monmouth, New Jersey.

Arthur and Elizabeth had one child:

Helen H Prestage 1924 New Jersey, USA

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