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Honorine Mary RANDELL 1882

Both Honorine and her brother Darcy Prestage have intriguing names from a family history perspective. Their fathers younger sister, Honorine Randell of 1855, had married Paul Prestage and left for America in 1874, the same year that Nathaniel sailed for New Zealand.
Back in England, Nathaniel's older brother, Benjamin James had settled in Sunderland and produced two children. The eldest of these, Thomas Owen, married Elizabeth Brennan, a name not dissimilar from Nathaniel's wife, Ellen Brennen. Both girls had an Irish heritage but as yet I have found nothing to connect the two.
Honorine Mary Randell was born 1 July 1882, in Onehunga, New Zealand. Tragically she died Christmas Day 1901. Her youngest sister, Berenice was eight at the time and the two older girls were young teenagers. No indication of the cause of death was registered in the newspaper article that announced her unfortunate death.
The following death notice was placed in the Auckland Star, 10 January 1902,
'RANDELL. - On December 25, at her parents residence, Khyber Pass Road, Honorine, the eldest and dearly loved daughter of Nathaniel and Ellen Randell aged 19 years.'
The following year on the anniversary of her death two further notices appeared,
'In loving remembrance of Honorine M. Randell who died at Newmarket, 25 December 1901, aged 19 years and 5 months. Requiescat in pace.
Inserted by her loving mother.'
and 'In fond remembrance of our dear sister Honorine who died - aged 19 years and 5 months. Eternal rest, grant to her, O Lord! And let perpetual light shine upon her. May her soul rest in peace.
Inserted by her loving brothers and sisters'.

Over the next few years several similar messages were inserted by her mother with no reference to Nathaniel. In December 1915 a variation appeared:
'IN MEMORIAM - RANDELL - In loving memory of our sister, Honorine Mary Randell who died on 25th December, 1901 aged 19 years 5 months; also our father, Nathaniel Randell, who died on 10th January, 1915, aged 64 years. -'Rest in peace.' Inserted by Joe and Freda Francis, Union Street. Newmarket.'

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Freda RANDELL 1888

Freda Randell was born in 5 October, 1888 at the family home in Khyber Pass Road. She was the daughter of Nathaniel and Ellen Randell and she married Joseph Vincent Francis, 21 April, 1909 at a ceremony in Auckland.
Joseph, born 17 July, 1885 was the son of John Francis D'Sylva a Master Mariner and Mary Ann Cupitt an Australian, born in Sydney. Joseph's father, John Francis D'Sylva, was born around 1845 in the Azores, a remote archipelago of volcanic islands in the Atlantic. The Azores were discovered and settled by the Portuguese. John Francis D'Sylva and Mary Ann Cupitt married 7 April 1873 in Auckland and produced five children adopting Francis, John's middle name, as their surname. The most popular name in the Western world is John but in Portugal 'Juan' takes president, it crossed my mind that John Francis D'Sylva may have found benefits in Anglicising his name even before he married.
All the children from their union were baptised under the name Francis, with Joseph Vincent Francis being their second child. Joseph was recorded in the electoral roll as a Carpenter living in and around Mount Eden and Glenmore, Auckland.
Ultimately Freda and Joe had nine children and over thirty grandchildren many of which are alive today.
Their first child, Lenore Francis, born 19 July 1912 trained as a primary school teacher in Sydney, teaching pianoforte and later became a Catholic Nun in the Order of St Joseph. Lenore died 1978 in Mission Bay, New Zealand.
Their second child Denver Vincent Francis was born in July 1913 and died 9 August 1990 also in Auckland. Zelda Claire Francis, born 3 October 1916, married Clairie Hall with whom she had four children. Zelda died around 2007. The forth child Melvin D'Arcy Norbert Francis was born 23 June 1918 and he married Marie Walker they had four children together. Melvin died 2002 on the Gold Coast, Australia.
Vaughan Bernard Trevor Francis married Beverley Flora Peacock and have six children. Veona Rosalie Cecilia Francis was born 24 July 1921. She married Claude Trichon and together they had five children.
Mary Francis, the couples seventh child was born and died the same day. The Auckland Star, 9 September 1924 records; 'Death - Mary, infant daughter of Joseph and Freda Francis, of 13 Richmond Street, Glenmore aged 18 hours. R.I.P.'
Alton Kevin Francis was born 7 January 1925 and died 4 March 1997 in New Zealand. He married and had children. Finally their youngest and last child was Loyola Francis, born 1 April 1929. She married Ivan Mirko and they produced seven children together.
Freda Francis (nee Randell) died, 21 June, 1951 age 63 years in Auckland. Joseph lived considerably longer dying 13 October, 1971 aged 86 years.
The newly released Auckland Star archive reveals intriguing snippets of life in Auckland and occasionally focusses on the Randell family. The Auckland Star, 12 September 1904 reveals, 'The results of the examination in vocal and instrumental music - the successful candidates, their teachers, and marks are given below. Subject pianoforte; - Joseph V. Francis (Mr T. W. Finer), 71.'
Many years later the children entered the news. 1 November 1928, 'Fancy Dress Ball. Under the auspices of the Good Shepherd School, a large and successful children's fancy dress ball filled the Scots Hall. The children danced till half past nine and then the adults took the floor.' Zelda Francis was dressed as a Swiss girl.
A few years later, 17 August 1933, Veona Francis, shone as an Hawaiian girl but alas the prize-winners included her cousin Lorelle Purdom as 'The Auckland Star.' This was something of theme because 6 January 1932 reported the results of a children’s competition announcing 'Second prize of 5/- to Esma Purdom, 34 Edwin Street and Certificates of Merit to Veona Francis'.
By 1938 the boys stepped up to the plate, 'The Cremorne Social Club held another of its pleasant dances and two excellent solos were sung by Mr. Melvin Francis. The ladies' committee provided supper'.

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Coralie RANDELL 1887

Coralie Randell was the second daughter and fourth child of Nathaniel and Ellen Randell. She was born 4 June 1887 at Khyber Pass Road, Onehunga.
The Auckland Star, 19 January 1899, under an article titled 'Scholarships Examination - The Results' congratulated Coralie on her success in the 'Junior District Scholarships - awarded to girls with the highest order of marks at the annual examination'. A similar article appeared the following year, 15 February 1900, and again Coralie was included. Another article stated 'The Mount Roskill School Committee had the pleasure to inform, the community that Coralie Randell, a pupil of their school had won a district scholarship.'
I was unable to find any other record of her academic achievements but it's interesting to speculate whether she was able to progress.
The next official document featuring her name was her marriage certificate, 28 November 1912, when she married Samuel Purdom in Auckland.
According to a current Queensland website, Samuel Purdom was born 25 September 1875, to Elizabeth Riddel and Samuel Wilson but raised by the Purdom family of Turua, in the Thames district of New Zealand.
A search of the Thames Star, produces frequent references to the Purdom family but one particular article, 18 December 1885, outlined the awarding of school prizes names Samuel. The District Geography prize, went jointly to Samuel Purdom and Clara Lidgard of Parawai School, Thames.
Following in their parents footsteps, Verna and Delvis, the two eldest girls also appeared in the Auckland Star receiving prizes. In 1926 Verna was awarded first prize at the Auckland Competition Society's annual festival in the 'Elocutionary Recital - (girls under 7) Verna Purdom'. That same year, Delvis was awarded third place in the 'Seann Triubhas' at the National Dancing Competition held in June.
Samuel and Coralie appear to have produced at least nine children and on at least two occasions the family are recorded living at 4 George Street, Mt Eden.
Coralie died 9 January 1964 and is buried with her husband in Waikaraka cemetery. The inscription on the monument reads 'In loving memory of Samuel Purdom died 21 July 1957 aged 80 - Also his beloved wife Coralie died 9 January 1964 aged 77.'
Very close by is the grave of two of their children, with an inscription which reads 'In loving memory of Esma Carmel Purdom, died 7 January 1940 aged 23. Also her sister Eulalie, died 27 December 1944 aged 25'.
Eulalie was tragically drowned whilst on a family holiday at Karekare beach, west of Auckland. The Auckland Star reported the events, 'Miss Purdom of Mount Eden, was bathing in comparatively shallow water when she evidently stepped into a deep channel formed in the sand and disappeared. Members of the Life-saving Club located her after a long search. Resuscitation efforts failed'.
The Purdom children, in birth order are Delvis Honorine, born 7 March 1914, Gilbert Randell 12 June 1915, Esma Carmel 9 September 1916, Eulalie 24 January 1919 and Verna Frances 30 March 1921. However when Gilbert Randell Purdom died aged 96 he was also recorded as the brother of Glenette, Lorelle and Adele plus those established above.

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Berenice RANDELL 1893

Berenice was the youngest of the children born to Nathaniel Randell and Ellen Brennen. She was born in Auckland on 19 November 1893.
It's been suggested that there may have been another child called Aubrey but I can find no record of an Aubrey and the death of Berenice on 26 December 1962 is recorded in the New Zealand Records office and appears to list her siblings.
"BERENICE RANDELL at Cornwall Hospital on 26 December 1962, youngest daughter of the late Nathaniel & Ellen Randell and sister of Coralie (Mrs Purdom, 4 George Street, Mt Eden) and the late Lawton, Honorine, Leon, Freda & Darcy in her 70th year."
Berenice was undoubtably born in the family home at Khyber Pass Road but from 1914 onwards was recorded in the electroral roll as resident of 7 Hesketh Street, Kingsland the home of her sister Mrs Coralie Purdom. Her address was recorded as 'Berenice Randell - Spinster - C/o Mrs Purdom - 7 Hesketh Street, Kingsland'. Hesketh Road intersects Aitken Terrace where her brother Leon lived.
Berenice never married and is buried in Waikaraka Cemetery, Auckland in the same grave with her mother and sister Honorine.

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