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Thomas William NOBES 1875

Thomas William Nobes was the first child born in the marriage of Mary Ann Randell and William Nobes. He was born in Great Ryburn, in the third quarter of 1875.
His early years are naturally spent with his parents in Great Ryburn. By the 1891 census the family had moved to their home in Norwich Road, Holt and Thomas, who was aged 15 years had found employment as a rather oddly named, Domestic Stable Boy.
Ten years later, in 1901 Thomas was aged 25 years, still living at home but recorded as a Draper. The next ten years witnesses a significant change in his circumstances.
By the 1911 census Thomas William Nobes was married with children and a Yardman on a Farm. He was living about 4 miles south west of Holt, between Brinton and Briningham, two tiny rural villages. North Norfolk village guide notes that in the late nineteen century Briningham once had a village shop which even then was long gone. On the up side the two villages lay in close proximity to the highest point in Norfolk and the presumed grave of a hanged highwayman, appropriately named Pigg.
Unfortunately, no farm name was recorded on the census but it does reveal that Thomas was married to Edith May Neale. Edith was aged 28 years and born in St Pancras, London. Their marriage took place in the district of Westminster, in the first three months of 1902. The couple had four children. Their eldest, William Hebert Nobes aged nine, was also born in St Pancras. The other three children were Ivy Edith Nobes aged 6 and Herbert Randell Nobes aged 3, both born Holt. Their youngest child, Elsie Minnie Nobes, was around eighteen months old and born in Hunworth, Norfolk which once again is a tiny hamlet to the east of Brinton.
Given that Thomas married and had his first child in St Pancras, London, its not unreasonable to assume that he spent some time there, presumably as a Draper.
The death of Edith May Nobes was recorded in the Fakenham district of Norfolk in the July quarter of 1946. She was aged 63 years. Thomas William however, is not quite as straight forward. The nearest match appears to be 'William Thomas Nobes' born 1876. He died aged 89 in East Dereham, April 1965.

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Frank Mayes NOBES 1891

Frank Mayes Nobes was born 13 December 1891 and baptised in Holt, Norfolk. He was born at his parents home in Norwich Road, Holt and was the youngest of Mary and William's three children.
Frank Mayes carried the maiden name of his maternal grandmother, Judith Anne Mayes. She in turn was the daughter of fishmonger Francis Mayes and Ann Holmes.
In the 1901 census he was a scholar, not quite ten years old, giving no indication of his potential. By the 1911 census Frank was aged 19 years and an Assistant in a Chemistry Laboratory. Quite where is hard to imagined as he was still living in the sleepy hollow of Holt with his parents.
In 1921 a Frank M Nobes married Grace E Darnell. The marriage was registered in Norwich, Norfolk but without accessing the certificate I'm unable to confirm exactly who walked down the aisle with Frank. There are many Grace E Darnells.
The 1911 census throws up two likely candidates both called Grace Elizabeth Darnell. One is Grace Elizabeth born around Lowestoft in 1880, making her a decade older than Frank whilst the other is born the same year as Frank but in Heaton, a suburb of Newcastle on Tyne. In 1911 both girls were living Yarmouth. Grace from Heaton would be my choice.
That being the case, I can find no evidence of children born to the couple, which in itself is rather odd as Grace was from a large family. Her father was William George Darnell a Norfolk Fisherman and her mother Gertrude Mary, a Yarmouth native. From the birth places of the children it's clear the family spent a short time in Newcastle but returned to Gorleston, Norfolk, the birthplace of Grace's father William George and bulk of his children.
Grace Elizabeth Nobes, wife of Frank Maynes Nobes (sawyer) of 8 Ashburnham Road, Bedford died 2 June 1952 and left £238 4s. 6d. to her husband as sole heir. According to the Andrews Newspaper Index Cards, 1790-1976, Frank Mayes Nobes of the same address died 29 June 1967 leaving assetts of around £470.

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Nathaniel Randell NOBES 1879

The very conveniently named Nathaniel Randell Nobes was born early in 1879 whilst the family were still living in Great Ryburgh.
In 1891 Nathaniel was not at home with his parents, Mary Ann and William, but in the same census his aunt and uncle Arthur and Eliza Wade were entertaining their nephew "Mathew" Nobes, who has identical credentials to Nathaniel. As his age, place of birth are the same, I think it's safe to assume that Mathew and Nathaniel are one and the same. Why the name was different I don't know.
In 1901 Nathaniel was resident at his parents home in Holt. In a reversal of the previous situation, Nathaniel's aunt and uncle, Arthur and Eliza were visiting the Nobes family.
In 1901 Nathaniel was recorded as a Yardman, an occupation which could one of several things. Yardmen appear at Hotels and Public Houses, helping with the barrels etc. and Yardmen appear on farms. Both seem appropriate given his future career.
In the final months of 1903, Nathaniel Randell Nobes married Harriet Gosling in Norwich, Norfolk. Harriet Gosling, according to the 1911 census was aged 47, and born St Julian's, Norwich in 1864. Harriet was significantly older than Nathaniel when they married, she was 39 to his 24 years.
In 1911 Nathaniel and Harriet were living at Water Lane Farm, Little Plumstead. Nathaniel was the "Head Cowman on Farm" whilst Harriet was a "Dairy Woman". They had no children, which is not unreasonable given the age of Harriet.
According to the Norfolk Pub Guide, Nathaniel Randell Nobes was the landlord of the 'Jolly Farmers' in Wood Dalling for eight years in the 1930's before retiring 29 July 1940.
Harriet Nobes aged 78 died in July 1939. Her death was registered in the district of Outer Norwich. Nathaniel Randall Nobes followed her two years later 2 September 1941. At the time of his death he was recorded as 62 years of Corks Farm, Wood Dalling, Norfolk. He left his effects, £217 13s. 7d. to his brother Thomas William Nobes, fitters mate.

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