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Lawton RANDELL 1880

Lawton Randell was the first child born into the marriage of Nathaniel Randell and Ellen Brennen. Lawton was born 20 October, 1880 presumably at Khyber Pass Road, Onehunga, Auckland, New Zealand.
In keeping with the other males in the family he was a plumber and was recorded in Trade Directories of the period. Also a 'Norton' Randell appeared in the 1916 Wises Trade Directory as a plumber living at 18 Eden Street, Newmarket. I think it's safe to assume Norton is Lawton.
Beyond this evidence 'L Randell' advertised in Auckland Star, placing several positions vacant between 1910 and 1914. They took the form of 'Plumber Wanted, competent hand' or 'Lad wanted to learn Plumbing Trade, good opening. Apply L Randell, Plumber' etc.
In 1912 Lawton, aged 32, married Ann Johnson Dickson born 1883. The event was also celebrated in the newspaper stating 'RANDELL ~ DICKSON. - Married 17 April, 1912 at Saint Luke's Minster, Remuera, by Rev G. Meara. Lawton Randell, eldest son of Nathaniel Randell of Newmarket, to Annie Dickson daughter of the late Robert Dickson of Ponsonby.'
The coming years saw two additional placements in the birth column of the Auckland Star, '17 May, 1915 at their residence, Trafalgar Street, Onehunga to Mr and Mrs Lauton (sic) Randell, a son. Both doing well.' and six years later '4 September, 1921 at 12, New Street, Newmarket to Mr. and Mrs. L. Randell, a daughter. Both well.'
Around 1919 real estate agent W J Brewin listed in his testimonials, satisfied customers Mr. L. Randall of Trafalgar Street, Onehunga and slightly later down the same list Mrs. Randell of Trafalgar Street, Mount Eden. The same ad listed a property in Trafalgar Street available for '£800 Cash'.
Two months earlier the Auckland Star, 28 March 1919 ran the following, 'For Sale by Tender – the removal 6 roomed house in Trafalgar St, Onehunga. - Mrs. E. Randell, Hesketh St., Glenmore.' Mrs E Randell was Lawtons mother Ellen who at this point was living with her daughter Coralie Purdom.
Lawton and Annie lived together until Lawton died aged 67 years. His death was reported on 22 February 1948 and he was buried two days later in Purewa Cemetery, Auckland under the auspices of the Presbyterian church.
Annie lived considerably longer than her husband and died aged 90, 21 June 1973. She was buried with her husband also in Purewa.

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Honorine Mary RANDELL 1882

Both Honorine and her brother Darcy Prestage have intriguing names from a family history perspective. Their fathers younger sister, Honorine Randell of 1855, had married Paul Prestage and left for America in 1874, the same year that Nathaniel sailed for New Zealand.
Back in England, Nathaniel's older brother, Benjamin James had settled in Sunderland and produced two children. The eldest of these, Thomas Owen, married Elizabeth Brennan, a name not dissimilar from Nathaniel's wife, Ellen Brennen. Both girls had an Irish heritage but as yet I have found nothing to connect the two events.
Honorine Mary Randell was born 1 July 1882, in Onehunga, New Zealand. Tragically she died Christmas Day 1901. The following death notice was placed in the Auckland Star, 10 January 1902,
'RANDELL. - On December 25, at her parents residence, Khyber Pass Road, Honorine, the eldest and dearly loved daughter of Nathaniel and Ellen Randell aged 19 years.'
The following year on the anniversary of her death two further notices appeared,
'In loving remembrance of Honorine M. Randell who died at Newmarket, 25 December 1901, aged 19 years and 5 months. Requiescat in pace.
Inserted by her loving mother.'
and 'In fond remembrance of our dear sister Honorine who died - aged 19 years and 5 months. Eternal rest, grant to her, O Lord! And let perpetual light shine upon her. May her soul rest in peace.
Inserted by her loving brothers and sisters'.

Over the next few years several similar messages were inserted by her mother with no reference to Nathaniel. In December 1915 a variation appeared:
'IN MEMORIAM - RANDELL - In loving memory of our sister, Honorine Mary Randell who died on 25th December, 1901 aged 19 years 5 months; also our father, Nathaniel Randell, who died on 10th January, 1915, aged 64 years. -'Rest in peace.' Inserted by Joe and Freda Francis, Union Street. Newmarket.'

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Freda RANDELL 1888

Freda Randell was born in 1888 in Onehunga. She married Joseph Vincent Francis in Auckland in 1909. Joseph was four years older than Freda and also born in Auckland, New Zealand. Together they had nine children, several of which are apparently alive today. Collectively the nine children of Freda and Joseph produced an extensive family tree of their own.
Freda died, 21 June 1951 in Auckland. Joseph seems to have lived considerably longer dying in Auckland aged 78 in October 1971.

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Coralie RANDELL 1887

Coralie Randell was the second daughter and fourth child of Nathaniel and Ellen Randell. She was born 4 June 1887 at Khyber Pass Road, Onehunga.
The Auckland Star, 19 January 1899, under an article titled 'Scholarships Examination - The Results' congratulated Coralie on her success in the 'Junior District Scholarships - awarded to girls with the highest order of marks at the annual examination'. A similar article appeared the following year, 15 February 1900, and again Coralie was included. Another article stated 'The Mount Roskill School Committee had the pleasure to inform, the community that Coralie Randell, a pupil of their school had won a district scholarship.'
I was unable to find any other record of her academic achievements but it's interesting to speculate whether she was able to progress.
The next official document featuring her name was her marriage certificate, 28 November 1912, when she married Samuel Purdom in Auckland.
According to a current Queensland website, Samuel Purdom was born 25 September 1875, to Elizabeth Riddel and Samuel Wilson but raised by the Purdom family of Turua, in the Thames district of New Zealand.
A search of the Thames Star, produces frequent references to the Purdom family but one particular article, 18 December 1885, outlined the awarding of school prizes names Samuel. The District Geography prize, went jointly to Samuel Purdom and Clara Lidgard of Parawai School, Thames.
Following in their parents footsteps, Verna and Delvis, the two eldest girls also appeared in the Auckland Star receiving prizes. In 1926 Verna was awarded first prize at the Auckland Competition Society's annual festival in the 'Elocutionary Recital - (girls under 7) Verna Purdom'. That same year, Delvis was awarded third place in the 'Seann Triubhas' at the National Dancing Competition held in June.
Samuel and Coralie Purdom appear to have produced at least five children. On at least two occasions are recorded living at 4 George Street, Mt Eden.
Coralie died 9 January 1964 and is buried with her husband in Waikaraka cemetery. The inscription on the monument reads 'In loving memory of Samuel Purdom died 21 July 1957 aged 80 - Also his beloved wife Coralie died 9 January 1964 aged 77.'
Very close by is the grave of two of their children, with an inscription which reads 'In loving memory of Esma Carmel Purdom, died 7 January 1940 aged 23. Also her sister Eulalie, died 27 December 1944 aged 25'.
Eulalie was tragically drowned whilst on a family holiday at Karekare beach, west of Auckland. The Auckland Star reported the events, 'Miss Purdom of Mount Eden, was bathing in comparatively shallow water when she evidently stepped into a deep channel formed in the sand and disappeared. Members of the Life-saving Club located her after a long search. Resuscitation efforts failed'.
The Purdom children, in birth order are Delvis Honorine, born 7 March 1914, Gilbert Randell 12 June 1915, Esma Carmel 9 September 1916, Eulalie 24 January 1919 and Verna Frances 30 March 1921. However when Gilbert Randell Purdom died aged 96 he was also recorded as the brother of Glenette, Lorelle and Adele plus the established Delvis, Esma, Eulalie and Verna.

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Darcy Prestage RANDELL 1890

Darcy Prestage Randell was the sixth child of Nathaniel Randell and Ellen Brennen. His birth was registered in the Onehuga district of Auckland, New Zealand in 1890. Despite living on a different continent, Darcy's uncle was Paul Prestage, as Darcy's father's sister, Honorine had married Paul Prestage and travelled to America the same year Nathaniel left for New Zealand. It appears Nathaniel and his sister Honorine kept in touch by letter but it is not unreasonable that Paul and Nathaniel had been friends in England.
Darcy like his brothers and father was a plumber. He was recorded in trade directories and the electoral roll of 1914 details him as a plumber living in Hill Street, Newmarket. Beyond this the Evening Post, 29 July 1922 states 'The Plumbers' Board of New Zealand met to endorse the following results of the examinations held on 24 June: Theoretical examination: Darcy P. Randell, passed.
Darcy married Inez Dean, 5 May, 1913 and the couple had their only child, Frederick Darcy Randell in 1916. Unfortunately, in 1924 the marriage formally dissolved and a divorce was granted by the courts on the grounds of desertion.
The Auckland Star, 22 August 1924 details the court proceeding in a feature titled, 'Fond Of Others'. In the article Inez was quoted reflecting that, 'Owing to my husband's fondness for other women, we were not happy.'
The case established that Darcy, a plumber, had been away at the war for four years and had been pursuing other relationships. 'Eighteen months earlier a separation order was issued, but they had lived together in a haphazard way since then from time to time.' In June of 1924 Inez received a letter from Darcy, seeking a reconciliation, as he had 'finished with women now.' Unfortunately for him, the letter contained an admission of misconduct and intimated that he would not defend a divorce action. A divorce was granted and costs awarded against Darcy. It was further agreed their only son Frederick should live with Inez.
I feel a certain sympathy for Darcy, it seems the War interrupted his life significantly. Another article detailed in the Auckland Star, 25 November 1915, places Darcy P. Randell of Campbell Road. Onehunga, marching with 77 others to be 'farewelled in the usual enthusiastic manner by the public lining the footpaths last night, and in spite of the rain there were large crowds both in the main street and at the railway station'.
Unable to stay out of the press, Darcy had the misfortune to appear yet again in the Auckland Star, 8 November, 1917 under an article 'Dominion Heroes' which listed the names of 16 local men 'killed in action' and 62 wounded. Under the sub-section, 'Auckland Infantry - Reported Wounded, was the line, - RANDELL, Darcy P - Mrs. Randell, Mount Smart Road, Onehunga.'
The time line unfolds as married in 1913, sent off to war in 1915 and the birth of his son 1916, wounded 1917, demobbed and return to Auckland in 1919 and divorced in 1924.
Darcy Prestage Randell died in 16 May 1957 was buried in the Returned Services area of Waikumete Cemetery. Anecdotally, he may have served in both wars.
He left a Will but I have no idea of the content. At the time of his death Darcy lived with his son Frederic, Eileen and their young family.
Prior to the Great War, Darcy and one or more of his brothers also appears to have been significant members of Newmarket Volunteer Fire Service. As a team and individuals 'D. & L. Randell' won several prizes in demonstration events. On several occasions they are warmly commended for their successes in the Auckland Star.
Information on Inez Dean is rather scant but there is a suggestion that she was never to remarry but formed a long relationship. In the 1916 issue of Wises Directory, Mrs Inez Randell appeared as the sole adult resident of Stuart Street, Onehunga. Other than that I understand that she died in around 1946.
Inez and Darcy's son, Frederick Darcy Randell married Eileen Mary Sullivan. Together they had three children who continue to expand the legacy today.
Frederick Darcy Randell died in Auckland aged 74 in 6 December 1990, whilst Eileen Mary Sullivan born around 1921, died four years later 15 September 1994.

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Berenice RANDELL 1893

Berenice was the youngest of the children born to Nathaniel Randell and Ellen Brennen. She was born in Auckland on 19 November 1893.
It's been suggested that there may have been another child called Aubrey but I can find no record of an Aubrey and the death of Berenice on 26 December 1962 is recorded in the New Zealand Records office and appears to list her siblings.
"BERENICE RANDELL at Cornwall Hospital on 26 December 1962, youngest daughter of the late Nathaniel & Ellen Randell and sister of Coralie (Mrs Purdom, 4 George Street, Mt Eden) and the late Lawton, Honorine, Leon, Freda & Darcy in her 70th year."
Berenice was undoubtably born in the family home at Khyber Pass Road but from 1914 onwards was recorded in the electroral roll as resident of 7 Hesketh Street, Kingsland the home of her sister Mrs Coralie Purdom. Hesketh Road intersects Aitken Terrace where her brother Leon lived.
Berenice Randell - Spinster - C/o Mrs Purdom - Hesketh Street, KingslandBerenice never married and is buried in Waikaraka Cemetery, Auckland in the same grave with her mother and sister Honorine.

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