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Edwin Mullenger RANDELL 1869

Edwin Mullenger Randell was the second child from the marriage of Nathaniel Randell and Emma Drake. He was born in High St., Ixworth in August 1869. His middle name, which appears in a variety of spelling revisions, was his grandmothers maiden name. His mother Emma was the daughter of Henry Drake and Mary Ann Mullenger.
Edwin appears in two census records living in Ixworth with the family and then reappears as a 21 year old watchmaker in Ipswich. He was employed with James F Chandler who had a jewellery shop in Crown Street.
Three years later in January 1894 Edwin Mullenger Randell married Hester Rackham in the Norfolk village of Hempnall. Hester was born and raised in Hempnall which is described in Norfolk villages as “one of those large, rather characterless villages you find either side of the Suffolk border“.
By 1901 Edwin and Hester were back in Ixworth. Edwin having assumed many of the roles previously held by his father. The family were living in High Street, in the Post Office which appears to be next door to the Wesleyan Chapel. Living with them and assisting in the Post Office was Rose Rackham, Hester’s younger sister. Also in the home was their first child Harald Edwin Randell.
Edwin was recorded in Kelly's Directory of 1896 in Ixworth as Clerk to the Magistrate for Blackburn Petty Sessions, a role once executed by his father. By the 1901 edition he had added the role of Registrar of Births, Death and Marriages and Post Master. In 1912 he appeared as all of the above and in his normal day to day role of watchmaker and jeweller. He was also listed, as an agent for a bicycle maker. However in the 1911 census he recorded himself as Ixworth Postmaster, with no reference to jewellery or watch making. The 1911 census was the first to be filled out by the head of the household. Edwin completed and signed the form with a hand writing that differs markedly from his younger brother Harold Drake Randell, who by this point had moved to Cromer.
Despite Edwin's restrained hand writing he managed to make numerous appearances in the local paper usually as an entertainer and occasionally as a sportsman, cricket or bowls. One particularly colourful description of the Ixworth players, features Edwin performing in an 'Amateur Nigger Troupe'. Edwin sings, 'rattled the bones' and puts in a comic appearance as 'Mrs Georgina Jellaby".
Edwin M Randell was the first of the family to appear in the British Phone Book. Starting from 1922, 'Edwin M Randell, Motor Proprietor' could be contacted by phoning 'Ixworth 1'. His number changed to 'Pakenham 49' in 1932 and continued without interruption until 1946 when it disappeared. I tried to establish what the term ‘motor proprietor’ meant but whilst I found that ‘assistant motor proprietors’ also existed, I’m not entirely sure what they did. Presumably something to do with transport.
Whatever he called himself in the telephone book he continued to live at the Post Office, Ixworth until his death 24 May 1960. He was just short of 91 years and outlived Hester by an incredible thirty seven years. He left a Will bequeathing £490. 8s. his daughter, Madelene Grace.

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Hester RACKHAM 1868

Hester Rackham, born 8 October 1868, was the second child of William and Harriet Rackham of Hempnall, Norfolk. She was one of four children. Her three siblings are Agnes who was seven years older than Hester, Rose who continued to live with her and Edwin after they married and only brother William, who is seven years younger.
Her father was a village shoe maker who ran his own modest business. Her mother was Harriet Hewson who was born in Hempnall, and in early 1861 had married interloper William who came from Shelton, more than two miles to the south.
Two months into the marriage, the 1861 census records one of those valuable moments when several generations of a family are living together. The recently married, Harriet and William, are living with Harriet’s mother Sarah Hewson and her father George Warnes. George, great grandfather of Hester, was age 75 and a farm worker.
Hester married Edwin Mullenger Randell in January 1894 and by 1901 they had one child, Harald Edwin Randell born Ixworth 1898. They had a second child Madelene Grace Randell born in the same location March 1903. Unfortunately the Births, Deaths & Marriages Register of the time suggest other Randell children died as infants. The additional information provided by the 1911 census confirms under the section “Total children born alive – Children who have died” that Hester lost four other children as infants.
On a brighter note, in 1911 Hester and Edwin had been married 17 years and Hester lived in Ixworth Post office, with her husband and children in a home with ten rooms not including the office, shop and warehouse.edwin
Hester Randell died aged 56 years, 2 September 1923. Her death was registered at Bury St Edmunds. Whilst dying in your mid-fifties was not extraordinary in the 1920's, in the context of the Randell family it was very young. Her own husband, Edwin, lived into his nineties. It's worth reflecting that she lost four children as a young mother and her only son migrated to Canada when he was barely 16 years old. Hester Randell left a small legacy of £58 10s. to her husband, Edwin.

Edwin and Hester had the following children:

Harald Edwin RANDELL 1898 Ixworth, Suffolk.
Madelene Grace RANDELL 1903 Ixworth, Suffolk.

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