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Ada Annie LOVE 1890

Ada Annie Love was born in the April quarter of 1890 in Whitby, North Riding, Yorkshire. She was the first child born to Hammond Love and his wife Ada Sharman. She was born whilst the family lived at 28 Flowergate, in the mediaeval centre of Whitby. I understand she was known in the family as Annie.
Unfortunately Ada Annie Love died aged seven years. Her burial took place 25 February 1898 leaving from the family home 14 Rookstone Road, Tooting.

ANCESTRY ~ Thomas / Mary / Hammond / Ada Annie

Harry Hammond LOVE 1891

Harry Hammond Love was born 28 July 1891 at 28 Flowergate, Whitby the son of Hammond & Ada Love. I suspect he lived in Whitby until around 1897 when the family transferred to Tooting, London.
Harry Love with the assistance of his father, Hammond, enrolled 8 January 1900 at Eardley Road School, Lambert. Despite his Eardley Road, education, or possibly as a result of it, by 1911 he was working for the local Electric Company as a packer.
Harry's brother Cyril stated in his War Service record, that his elder brother Harry, was serving with the 'The Queens' West Surrey Regiment in India. Unfortunately, no pension or service record exists for Harry but a medal card for Private T1779/200389 Harry H Love does. This confirms Private Harry H Love of Queens' West Surrey Regiment served in India. It seems a section of the Home Counties Division fought in France whilst another component went to India and remained there the entire war. India 1915 would been quite an experience for a Tooting lad.
In the spirit of this Harry appears in a 1918 Absent Voters list as Private 200389 Love, 1/4th Bat Royal West Surrey Regt.
Following his return to the UK, he was recorded in the 1921 Electoral register at his family home, 14 Rookstone Road, Tooting. He remained at his parents address until 1929 when he was joined by Mabel Annie Love. Three years later Mabel & Harry moved to a home of their own at 32 Meadow Waye, Heston, Hounslow. They remained at this address until at least 1939.
In the September quarter of 1927 the Alton registration district of Hampshire records the marriage Harry H love to Mabel A Heath. In 1911 Mabel Annie Heath, a drapers assistant, born 1893 in Alton, Hampshire was a boarder at 17 Osborne Road, Petersfield, Hampshire. Ten years earlier she was with George and Kate Heath a Greengrocer in Alton.
Mabel A Love born 1893 died in December 1965 aged 72 years in Greater London.
Harry H Love married Edith A Mayo in December 1970 in St Austell, Cornwall. Normally a wedding so distant from the last known address would not interest me but Harry Hammond Love born 28 July 1891 died March 1971 in Redruth, Cornwall. He was aged 79 years.

ANCESTRY ~ Thomas / Mary / Hammond / Harry Hammond

Cyril William LOVE 1895

Cyril William Clement Love was baptised 17 November 1895 at Upper Tooting Holy Trinity the son of Hammond Love and his wife Ada May Elizabeth Love (nee Skipper). He is the only person I have ever seen in this entire family tree to use the name Clement but even then I suspect it relates to Clement Love rather than Clement Randell.
Private Cyril Love served with in 10th Battalion 'The Queens' West Surrey Regiment. Assigned the number G/6554 and the rank of private he travelled to France, 5 May 1916. His death is recorded on the Thiepval Memorial which commemorates the losses of the Somme.
Cyril William Love enlisted in Guildford 18 September 1915, he was aged 19, weighed 124 lbs and was stated to be in good physical condition. He recorded his occupation as Clerk and noted his elder brother Harry, as serving in the same regiment in India. He also recorded two other brothers Lawrence age 16 and Stanley age 9.
The circumstances of his death, give some small insight into the chaos of war. He was recorded in a message from Unit as 'Wounded in field 15-17 September 1916'. By 15 October the same source amended his status to 'Wounded - Missing, 15 September 1916'. A final War Office report of 12 September the following year concluded 'Killed in Action, Death Presumed, 15 September 1916'. Thirty two men serving with The Queens regiment were killed that same day on the Somme.
Essentially, his remains were never identified and no personal effects were returned but his medals were forwarded to the family at 14 Rookstone Road in 1921.

ANCESTRY ~ Thomas / Mary / Hammond / Cyril William

Harold Norman LOVE 1901

Harold Norman Love was baptised 5 May 1901 the son of Hammond & Ada Love. He appears in the 1901 census taken the night of 31 March. That night he was with his parents at 14 Rookstone Road, Tooting. Unfortunately his life was very short and he was buried 10 September 1903 Holy Trinity Church, Upper Tooting, aged 2 years.

ANCESTRY ~ Thomas / Mary / Hammond / Harold Norman

Lawrence Benjamin LOVE 1903

I feel confident that I know three things about Lawrence Benjamin Love, he was the fifth child of Hammond & Ada Love, baptised 15 March 1903, he lived with his parents at 14 Rookstone Road until after his twenty-fifth birthday and he died December 1968, aged 65 on the Isle of Wight, Hampshire. The rest is a mystery.
Lawrence Benjamin Love has the unusual distinction of appearing in the 1911 census twice. He was both with his parents at Rookstone and with his Grandparents, Henry & Annie Skipper, a short walk away at 18 Ellison Road, Streatham.
Between 1924 to 1927 Lawrence Benjamin Love was recorded in the London Electoral Roll as one of three eligible voters at Rookstone. In 1928 Lawrence Benjamin Love appears in the same set of documents at 59 Gleneagle Road, Streatham with Miss May Scott & Mrs Hannah Scott. The following year he as at the same address, but with Hilda Love. All which leads smoothly to the marriage of Lawrence B Love to Hilda Scott in the high summer of 1927.
Hilda & Lawrence, 1934 to 1938, were resident at 191 Rochester Way, followed by 26 Belmount Hall Court, Blackheath in 1939. Finally, in 1945, they appear as owners of a block of land in Holmewood Avenue, Sanderstead.
However four years later, Hilda Love died in at the St James Infirmary, Battersea. Her affairs were handled by a solicitor Montague Vazie Simons, with rooms opposite the London Magistrate Courts and Bank of England. Montague placed ads in the London Gazette stating 'Hilda Love wife of Lawrence Benjamin Love recently of 35, Oakdale Road, Streatham, London, formerly of 3, Cavendish Place, Brighton - died 13 January 1949'. She left a legacy of around £779 19s. 3d.
All which leaves the question why didn't Lawrence deal with these matters himself and why, if Lawrence was on hand, did they need to place ads?
But there's more...
Rather confusingly, Lawrence B Love married Ethel Elsie Florence Burgess in July 1943 in Wandsworth. Given this was six years before Hilda Love died the obvious explanation would be there are two people called Lawrence B Love, but this doesn't seemed to be supported by BDM register or any other UK record.
It gets even more confusing, the entry in the England & Wales, Marriage Register reads - "Name of Persons Married - Burgess or Casey". Given the bride has three Christian names, a search produced Ethel Elsie Florence Burgess daughter of Arthur Henry Burgess and his wife Ethel Emma Mogridge born 21 April 1902.
In 1911 Ethel Elsie Florence was living at 60 Haymerle Rd, Peckham with her parents. In 1920 Eugene Casey married Ethel E F Burgess and moved into 60 Haymerle Rd and until at least 1932, this was their home. After which I loose the trail but at some point after that Ethel Elsie Florence Casey reverted to her maiden name and married 'Lawrence B Love', who may or may not be, the son of Hammond & Ada Love and the bigamist husband of Hilda Love.
The death of Ethel F Love was registerd in March 1963 in Dartford, Kent.

ANCESTRY ~ Thomas / Mary / Hammond / Lawrence Benjamin

Stanley Rowland LOVE 1909

Stanley Rowland Love was born 10 November 1909 at Rookstone Road, Tooting. He was the sixth and final child of Harry Hammond & Ada Love, born almost twenty years after their first child.
He appears in the 1911 Census, the first to be filled out by the residents. Stanley recorded as 17 months old by his father.
The recently published London Electoral Registers, 1832-1965 chart the progress of the Love family at 14 Rookstone Road. The Electoral Registers reveal the children as they become eligible voters and chart the disappearance as the family marry or die. In the case of Stanley Rowland Love he first appears on the list as a resident of 14 Rookstone Road in 1931 and remains at the same address until 1950 when his mother dies and he moves to Dovercourt Gardens with his wife.
Stanley is first with his parents and brothers, then simply with his mother and finally with his aged mother and his own wife Marjorie Love.
Marjorie Florence Kathleen Goodhind married Stanley Rowland Love in the summer of 1939 at a ceremony conducted in Harrow, Middlesex. Bride Marjorie was the daughter of Henry Goodhind and his wife Florence Smart who had married in Bristol in 1912. Marjorie, born September 1913 in Bristol, was their first of three children.
The Electoral Registers reveal by 1931 Henry & Florence Goodchild were living at 161 Vaughan Road, Harrow on the Hill.
In 1935 Marjorie Florence Kathleen Goodhind having reached voting age appeared on the list at the same address with her parents. She married Stanley in 1939 whilst her parents continued to live 161 Vaughan Road until at least 1959.
Stanley Rowland Love born 10 November 1909, died September 1992 aged 82 in Worthing, West Sussex. Marjorie may have died in the same location around 2000.
Stanley & Marjorie had one child.

ANCESTRY ~ Thomas / Mary / Hammond / Stanley Rowland

Herbert John LOVE 1890

Herbert John Love was born in the June quarter of 1890 in Charlton, Kent. He appears in the 1891 census as a 'Herbert J Love, 11 months son of James V & Frances Love, born Charlton, Kent'. Ten years later he was with his brothers William & Sydney as the sons of widower James V Love. By 1911, his father, brothers and address had not changed but he had commenced a career as a mathematical instrument maker.
Around September 1918 'Herbert J Love married Annie A Wimble'. The couple set up home at 132 Basildon Road, Abbey Wood, where they lived their entire married life. Annie & Herbert appear to have produced two children, William Herbert Love (b.1918) and Edna Mary Love (b.1922).
Herbert John Love died 24 September 1951. His son William, a Scientific Assistant, was appointed executor of his Will which distributed effects of £4140 9s. 4d. Oddly just prior to his death he was a beneficiary in the Will of his aunt Mary Ann Love who died 7 December 1950. She left £781 5s. 8d. to Herbert John Love, who was described in the document as an Engineer.
Annie Adeline Wimble was the daughter of Henry John Wimble & his wife Eliza Bridges. She was born 6 June 1892 in London. In the 1911 census Annie Adeline was a braider? Whilst her younger brother worked for a nearby scientific instrument manufacturer. That year the Wimble family lived at 9 Tamar Street, Charlton.
Annie Adeline Love died 25 January 1985 aged 93.

ANCESTRY ~ Thomas / Mary / James Vial / Herbert John

William George LOVE 1891

William George Love was born 21 October 1891, and enlisted in the Machine Gun Corp, 14 June 1915. The details of his War Service Record show that at the time of his enlistment he was living with his father and younger brother Sydney Charles at 520 Woolwich Road, Charlton. He was aged 23, five feet six and a half inches, weighing 115 lbs with perfect eyesight. His physical condition was good but he had two vaccination marks and an operation scar on his 'left groin'.
His service records plots his progress through the military in a very matter of fact way. He transferred to France on New Years Day 1916, and he was appointed Lance Corporal, 29 October 1916. His role in the army was recorded on two occasion firstly serving as an unpaid Company Accountant and then 30 March 1917 being appointed the official Company Accountant. On the first of July 1917, W G Love was granted ten days leave in England and was recorded arriving in Folkstone, Kent.
On returning to France he resumed his duties in the area of the Somme. During the fighting around Grevillers, 21 to 26 March 1918, William was reported "Missing in Action" but his death was later recorded in the documents with seemingly odd wording "Man reported as fallen and buried near the church at Grevillers, Letter from German soldier".w love
Grevillers had been controlled by Commonwealth troops but was over run in March 1918, during the so called "German Great Advance".
William's medals and all further correspondence were accepted by Miss Rachel Honor Love. His death is recorded with a grave at Adanac Military Cemetery, Miraumont, France. It says "In Memory of Lance Corporal W G LOVE, Machine Gun Corps who died on 21 March 1918. Remembered with honour".

ANCESTRY ~ Thomas / Mary / James Vial / William George

Sidney Charles LOVE 1896

Sidney Charles Love was born 12 June 1896 in Charlton, Kent. He lost his mother as an infant and was raised by his father and aunt.
It appears Sidney Charles Love fought in the Great War. A few confusing snippets of information are available in the so called 'Burnt records', burnt in 1941 by the Luftwaffe. Sidney C Love joined the Royal Field Artillery early in the war and for his sins was given the rank driver and the number 965369. He served in France, arriving 16 March 1915 and was discharged from Huddersfield Hospital, 7 January 1920. The exact quote is “Dis. Hospital, Huddersfield. Became non-effective 7 January 1920 - to Woolwich 23 Jan 1920. R.P. notified 23 Jan 1920”. 'R.P.' may be Regimental Police but as it related to medical I'm unsure.
The Electoral Records reveal that back in Woolwich he lived with his father and three aunts until 1939. After that he lived with Jane Love at 11 Unwin Street, Camberwell North (1945). Between 1949 and 1951 he lived with Jean Love at Fairfax Gardens, followed by a move to 21 Guild Road, Charlton. During his years at Guild Road he lived with either Jean or Jane, who potentially is the same person Jane McNair his wife from a marriage in October 1939.
Sydney Charles Love is included in the Post Office Records list, accepting employment as a postman 1 December 1937. His occupation is confirmed in the respective Wills of Sara Ann & Rachel Honor Love.
I was unable to find a death record for either Sydney Charles or Jane/Jean Love, but I understand they had at least two children.

ANCESTRY ~ Thomas / Mary / James Vial / Sidney Charles

Reginal Wallace Randell LOVE 1900

The marriage of John and Laura Love produced two children, Reginal Wallace R Love around September 1900 and Arthur Jack Love born 16 December 1902. Unfortunately 'Reginal W R Love' died aged 7 months and was buried 11 April 1901. He was buried ten days after he appeared in the census in Grant Street but was buried in Cromer. I understand Reginal Wallace Randell Love was his full name, Laura had a younger brother Wallace and John's mother, was of course Randell.

ANCESTRY ~ Thomas / Mary / John / Reginal Wallace

Arthur Jack LOVE 1902

Arthur Jack Love was the second son of John Love and his wife Laura Sharman, he was born 16 December 1902 in Cromer but never appeared in a UK census because 19 April 1907 Mr John Love, wife Laura and child Arthur sailed to Canada and ultimately California.
In the 1930 US Census, Arthur was living with his parents at 329 E Florence Avenue, South Los Angeles. His father was a carpenter, aged 67, his mother a housewife aged 57, and Arthur Jack Love aged 27 was a Clerk.
By 1940 Arthur was single, 'living with his mum' at the same address as 1930 and a 'cost clerk' at local department store. 'Cost clerk' is a term I have never heard but it seems today he would be a financial manager or accountant.
American census information is quite extensive and Arthur and his mother were both recorded as American citizens born England. Arthur owned the house outright. The property, valued by him as $1500, was quite modest for the location but his salary, on the same criteria, was quite reasonable at $1300.
Arthur Jack Love aged 81, born 16 December 1902, died November 1984 in Los Angeles and was buried in Inglewood Park Cemetery, Los Angeles. He shares a grave with 'Dorothy P Love, Beloved Wife, 1907 – 1974'. Dorothy is said to be the daughter of Albert Edward Peterson & Barbara Harriet Jones Gallion born 18 October, 1907 in Henefer, Utah. My understanding would be that Dorothy arrived late in Arthur's life and was a divorcee at the time of their wedding.

ANCESTRY ~ Thomas / Mary / John / Arthur Jack


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