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Hammond LOVE 1858

Hammond Love was the eldest son of John Neave Love and Mary Randell. He was born in Cromer 22 March 1858 and appears for the first time in a census in 1861 as a child living with his parents in Red Lion Street, Cromer. By 1871 he had crossed the threshold of employment and was gainfully employed as a 12 year old errand boy. Naturally still at his parents home.
Ten years later, 1881 Hammond aged 23, was established as a Jet Cutter. Around 1875 Hammond moved to London where he lived in Woolwich at the home of his aunt and uncle, Charles and Elizabeth Weir. His father's sister, Elizabeth Love, married Charles Weir at Holborn, Middlesex in 1866.
Jet, is an intense black fossil which can be highly polished. Used since the bronze age, it was particularly popular during the reign of Queen Victoria because of its sombre colour and modest appearance. The Queen wore Whitby Jet as part of her mourning dress. Extremely high quality Jet is found around Whitby and Victorian era Whitby had an established reputation as a centre of excellence.
Hammond Love married Ada Elizabeth Mary Skipper at Holy Trinity Church Wimbledon 11 April 1888. Ada, aged 20 at the time of her wedding was ten years younger than Hammond. She was born July 1868 in Forest Hill, Kent the daughter of stone mason, Henry Skipper and his wife Annie Elizabeth Clark Cooper.
Both the bride and groom gave their address as 17 South Road, presumably Wimbledon. Hammond on his marriage certificate was described as a jeweller and not surprisingly within a few years they were found in Whitby, North Yorkshire.
It appears that immediately following their marriage, Hammond and Ada opened a shop in Whitby, selling decorative Jet items. Hammond described himself as a manufacturer and employer with premises at 28 Flowergate, Whitby. The building still exists, being a small shop with accommodation above. Flowergate is central Whitby, it has medieval origins but Victorian architecture.
Hammond and Ada lived above the shop and began a family. Their first two children were born in Whitby. The date and location of their children's births reveal they returned to London around 1895.
By 1898 Hammond and Ada were living at 14 Rookstone Road, Tooting. Curiously Rookstone is a medieval name for Jet.
In 1911 they retained the same address and Hammond was again recorded as a self employed jet worker but in the column 'Infirmity', the curt observation 'Paralysis - aged 50' was scrawled.
The Love family that year was Hammond (aged 53) & Ada (43) plus children Harry, Cyril, Lawrence and Stanley. Harry aged 19, worked for the Electric Company, whilst Cyril 15 and Lawrence 8, were at school. Stanley was aged 17 months. Two other children were recorded in the census as born but unfortunately dead. These were eldest daughter Ada who died age 7 and son Harold who died age 2. The situation was to deteriorate further as Cyril was killed on the Somme.
The All London, Electoral Registers, 1832-1965 reveal the family lived at 14 Rookstone Road in 1898 and remained there for the rest of their married lives. The register charts the comings and goings at the home, the children reaching 21 and the deaths. Ada's parents Henry and Annie Skipper arrived in 1927, but by 1929 Annie had gone. The following year, January 1930, Hammond Love died aged 71. Through the entire period Henry Skipper and his daughter Ada held the fort until 1935, when Henry disappeared from the list leaving Ada and her son Stanley. Later to be joined by Stanley's wife Marjorie.
Ada E M Love died 28 April 1950. Ada died aged 81 at Rookstone and was living with Stanley & Marjorie at the time of her death. She left a small legacy of £678 9s. 4d. using the same solicitor as her son Lawrence.

Hammond and Ada had the following children:

Ada Annie Love 1890 Whitby, Yorkshire
Harry Hammond Love 1891 Whitby, Yorkshire
Cyril William Love 1895 Tooting, Middlesex
Harold Norman Love 1901 Tooting, Middlesex
Lawrence Benjamin Love 1903 Tooting, Middlesex
Stanley Rowland Love 1909 Tooting, Middlesex

ANCESTRY ~ Thomas / Mary / Hammond

John LOVE 1861

John Love was born in Cromer and baptised 3 November 1861 at St Peter and St Paul Church. In the 1871 & 1881 census John was living with his family in Brooke Street, Cromer. Despite living on the coast he did not follow his father to sea but choose the joys of timber and carpentry as his career.
John Love aged 37 married Laura Matilda Sharman in Norwich, 19 December 1897.
It appears Laura was several years younger than John, being born 6 October 1867 and baptised 6 November 1867 at St Mark Church, Lakenham, Norwich. She was the daughter a Railway Fireman later Engine Driver, Jeremiah Sharman and his wife Harriet Leggett. Jeremiah William Sharman married Harriet, 1854 in Norwich and they produced at least ten children with Laura well down the pecking order.
By 1901 John living in Grant Street, Norwich with his recently acquired bride and their first child, 'Reginald'. John was a self employed carpenter. John & Laura's home was a pleasant terrace, quite close to Ada (Randell) & Edward Howe.
The marriage of John and Laura produced two children, Reginal Wallace R Love around September 1900 and Arthur Jack Love born 16 December 1902. Unfortunately 'Reginal W R Love' died aged 7 months and was buried 11 April 1901. If 'coicidence is everything', he died literally ten days after he appeared in the census in Grant Street but was buried in Cromer. I understand Reginal Wallace Randell Love was his full name, Laura having a younger brother Wallace and John's mother, was of course Randell.
Following the example set by several of his extended family, John, Laura and son Arthur departed England for shores unknown. They sailed 19 April 1907 on the SS Victorian from Liverpool to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.
The family were recorded in Hamilton, Ontario but it may be that for at least some of their time in Canada, John was separated from Laura and his son. In the 1911 census of Canada, John Love, born England, aged 50, was working alone in Wolfville, a remote coastal settlement in Nova Scotia, oddly not far from Yarmouth, Truro & Glasgow.
Following their time Canada it seems they relocated to California. Given they lived near the USA border I found several references to John, Laura M and Arthur Love entering America through Buffalo or Niagara Falls, but in October 1923 the family moved permanently to Los Angeles, California. In 1930 they were recorded in the US Census, living at 329 E Florence Avenue, which today is in the heart of the notorious South Central LA, gangland district.
However, in the calmer, more idyllic world of 1930, John Love was a carpenter, aged 67, married to Laura M Love aged 57, living with their son Arthur J Love aged 27. All three were recorded as born England. That year they shared their home with a lodger, Rhoda Henline aged 53, an Oregon Chef.
It appears Laura Matilda Love and Arthur Jack Love applied for USA naturalisation but no record of papers for John Love has surfaced.
Laura, given free reign to the possibilities, grew several years younger during her stay in the USA. She managed to maintain a slight gap on her actual age and by the time she died, 22 July 1961 she was recorded by Los Angeles County as aged 91, born 6 October 1869, a calculated difference of a mere two years.
Unfortunately, I was unable to identify a record relating to John Love's death but by 1940 Laura is a widow, implying he died after 1930 but before 1940.

John and Laura had the following children;

Reginal Wallace Randell LOVE 1900 Cromer, Norfolk
Arthur Jack LOVE 1902 Cromer, Norfolk

ANCESTRY ~ Thomas / Mary / John

James Vial LOVE 1860

James Vial Love was born 12 November 1859 and baptised 4 December 1859 at St Peter and St Paul Church, Cromer. He was the son of John Neaves Love and Mary Randell. His middle name 'Vial' is almost certainly a tribute to David Vial, a Cromer fisherman who lived to be aged 94 and was something of a Cromer legend. In the complex knot of Randell-Love inter connections, Sarah Love was the wife of David Vial and also the sister of Clement Hammond Love (grandfather to James) and Honor Love (second wife of Ephraim Randell). Or something like that.
Despite his fishing heritage James trained as a Saddler and Harness Maker and was recorded in Brooke Street, Cromer pursuing that occupation in 1881. By 1891 he was beginning his married life, in a modest two rooms at 67 Samuel Street, Woolwich. He married 'Frances Rendell', 12 October 1889 in Woolwich, Kent.
Frances Love (nee Rendell) appears in only one census as Mrs Love. In this, she was stated born 1864 in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire. Unfortunately, no Frances Rendell of Melton Mowbray appears in any census but Fanny Randell does and she is the daughter of James Randell and his wife Harriet Jackson. Fanny Randell was born June 1864 Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire one of several children. Not a single person called Rendell appears in any Melton register.
In 1871 Fanny Randell, age 7 appears as the daughter of James Randell a widowed boot-maker living in Leicester Street, Melton Mowbray. By 1881 James Randell had remarried, taking Susan Smith as his bride and 'Fanny Randell' by then 17 was a guest with her cousins, William & Mary Caunt in Skegby Forest, Nottinghamshire. The Randells of Leicestershire appear to have no connection with Norfolk and the name is a coincidence.
In 1891 Frances Love (who may or may not be Fanny Randell) was married with an eleven month old son Herbert. James and Frances/Fanny went on to have at least three children before Frances aged 35 died. Frances died in the September quarter of 1899 and shares the date with James Love, an infant of a few days. Given the appalling rate of death in child birth, it's not unreasonable that James was her son.
At the time of the 1901 census James was a widower with three children, Herbert, William and Sidney. However another child, besides the unfortunate James, was born in the area. Harold James Love was born June 1894 and died around March 1897. He was never in a census, so I'm unable confirm him as their son but he fits perfectly into spacing between the other births.
In 1911 James Love was aged 51, a widower, with three boys living at 21 Victoria Road, Charlton. He was employed at Woolwich Dockyard as a Saddler and his sister Rachel lived with them in the role of informal housekeeper.
In 1904 James Vial Love was recorded in the Electoral Registers living in 'two unfurnished rooms, top floor, 9 Ransom Road, rent six shillings a week, payable to the landlord James Mardell of the same address'. By 1906 the family and their same landlord were in a 7 roomed house at 21 Victoria Road, North Charlton, Kent, rent 7s. 0d. a week'.
The next published Electoral Register was 1918 and this found James and family still at 21 Victoria Road, but Rachel Honor, sister and aunt appeared as a voter for the first time.
In 1920 the entire family, Rachel, James and the boys, moved to 520 Woolwich Street and for the first time ever they controlled the whole house. The period 1924 to 1935 found the family at 556 Woolwich St. By 1937 James and his youngest son Sydney, had set up house with his three sisters. They lived at Crumpsall Road. Abbey Wood.
James Vial Love died aged 79 in April 1939 at the time of his death he was living with his sisters.

James and Frances had the following children:

Herbert John Love 1891 Charlton, Kent
William George Love 1892 Charlton, Kent
Sydney Charles Love 1897 Charlton, Kent

ANCESTRY ~ Thomas / Mary / James Vial


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