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Nora Kathleen RANDELL 1903

When Harold Drake Randell filled out the 1911 National Census he recorded his daughter Nora Kathleen Randell living at home with her parents, younger brother Roy and baby sister Joyce. Nora was the eldest child of Harold Drake Randell and Agnes Ellis. He was born around February 1903, a polite four years after the couple married in Cromer.
In June 1928, the wedding of Nora Kathleen Randell to Norman Major was registered in the Erpingham district, presumably Cromer. Nora was around 24 years old when she walk down the aisle but Norman is something of a mystery. Without ordering their wedding certificate I was unable to find anybody who lived in or near Norfolk with the correct name.
The following year, 1929, the birth of Richard Major was registered in Erpingham and the records show his mothers maiden name to be Randell. Only one other instance of a Major - Randell combination appears in the entire birth registry, a Susan Major born in June quarter 1935 in Thanet, Kent. Given the time, place and complete lack of other Major - Randell weddings it's not unreasonable to speculate that Richard and Susan were brother and sister.

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Joyce Winifred RANDELL 1910

Joyce Winifred Randell was born 24 September 1910 in Cromer and recorded as Joyce W, by her father Harold, in the national census of 1911.
In keeping with the brevity, Joyce W Randell reappeared in the March quarter of 1942 as blushing bride to Alexander Milne. The formalities took place in the North Walsham registration district which at that period covered Cromer.
Unfortunately, I have no substantial information about either the bride or groom. Nobody in the formal records leaps out as the groom but in 1942 a substantial number of Air Crew were flying from forward bases in Norfolk, Alexander Milne could have come from anywhere.
Joyce Winifred Milne, aged 82, died in 1992 and her death was registered in the Ipswich district of Suffolk. Alexander Milne died two years later, 1994, also in Suffolk but his death was registered in Waveny, a rural district south of Lowestoft, north of Ipswich. Alexander was aged 77 at death and his birth date was recorded as 28 July 1916.

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Roy James RANDELL 1904

In the 1911 Census, Roy James Randell was living in Prince of Wales Road, Cromer with his parents Harold and Agnes Randell. He was a student aged 6 years.
In February 1950 the passenger list of the Athlone Castle, sailing from Durban to Southampton records Roy James Randell, born 17 April 1904 travelling with his wife and two children. It was one of three occasions he travelled the same route. On each occasion he was noted as a Policeman, Northern Rhodesia. His destination was invariably stated as The White House, Henthorn, Clitheroe, Lancashire.
The details provided in the passenger list state, Roy's wife Elsie, was born 4 June 1918 in Clitheroe. The records of the time, show an Elsie Fenton born around June 1918 in Clitheroe. She was the daughter of William E Fenton and his wife, Mary E Davies, who married in the December quarter 1916 also in Clitheroe.
The children of Roy James and Elsie are also detailed on the passenger lists, they are John Fenton Randell, born 31 July 1944 and Penelope Mary Randell, born 8 November the following year.
I was unable to find any record of a wedding or the birth of the children in the UK records. Which opens up the possibility that he may have married in Rhodesia.
John Fenton Randell, the couples eldest child, unfortunately died in London, January 1966. Presumably he was aged 21 years. I was unable to find any further record of Penelope.
In a rather odd coincidence the White House, Henthorn Road, Clitheroe is currently owned by the Fenton family, however, they are absolutely no relation to Elsie Fenton and her family, who owned the property for a period fifty years ago.
Roy James Randell appeared in the London Gazette on two occasions, "1 June, 1953. The Queen has been graciously pleased, on the occasion of Her Majesty's Coronation, to approve the award of the Colonial Police Medal For Meritorious Service to Roy James RANDELL, Senior Superintendent of Police, Northern Rhodesia" and June 1960 similarly "the Queen's Police Medal for Distinguished Service to Roy James RANDELL."
Unfortunately despite being the correct age and name nothing definitively connects Rhodesia Roy to Cromer Roy but he has to be, as they say, "a person of interest".

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Grace Evelyn RANDELL 1906

Grace Evelyn Randell was born late in 1906 in Cromer. She was the daughter of Harold Drake Randell and Agnes Ellis. Sadly she died 4 October 1910, aged four and was buried in Cromer.

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