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Ephraim RANDELL 1840

Ephraim Randell was born in Cromer 16 March 1840, the eldest child of Thomas Err Randell and Judith Anne Mayes. He was the second Randell to be christened Ephraim and was named after his father's younger brother.
For the first years of his life he lived in Brooke Street, Cromer with his parents but sometime around 1857 the whole family including Ephraim, moved to Hall Street, Holt. At the time, Ephraim, was in his late teens. A few years later in the 1861 census he was recorded living with the family in Holt, occupation, Tinman and Brazier. In every subsequent census he was entered as a Assistant Ironmonger.
His father, also a Tinman and Brazier, ran an Ironmongers business in Brooke St, Cromer which appeared in various trade directories from around 1850. However the 1856, issue of Craven & Co's listed only one Randell in Cromer, this was 16 year old Ephraim, who was a 'shopkeeper in Brooke Street'.
Ephraim Randell, as far as I'm aware, made only one other appearance in a trade directory. Thirty four years later he re-emerged in the 1890 issue of William White's Directory as one of three Randall's, significantly spelt with an "a", working in New Street, Holt. The three were John Holmes Randall, a Cutler, William Randall, a Watch, Clock & Gun maker, and Ephraim Randall, an Assistant. I'm assuming from the text of the directory that Ephraim was assistant to the other two but this is not entirely clear.
John Holmes Randall was the son of William Randall, who in turn was the son of the original John Randall, who many years earlier apprenticed Ephraim's uncle Nathaniel before he moved to Ixworth.
On a more domestic level, after almost ten years in Holt, Ephraim Randell aged 29 married Mary Parker in April 1869. Ephraim and Mary lived the remainder of their lives in Holt. Originally in New Street, then briefly Cley Street after which they returned to New Street, but this may be illusion as New Street is an extension of Cley Street, so they may have been in the same house the entire period whilst the boundary moved around them.
By 1911 Ephraim and Mary were living in Peacock Lane, Holt. Ephraim, aged 71 years, described himself as a Retired Ironmongers Assistant, living on his own means. Mary was recorded as aged 67 years and a wife for 42 of those years. Considering that Ephraim was into his seventies, well beyond the average life expectancy of the era, he shows no sign of frailty in his handwriting.
Ephraim Randell
Together Ephraim and Mary had three children, Emma, James and Annie but tragically, they outlived both girls who died each aged 25 years.
Ephraim Randell died in Holt in 2nd October 1921, he was aged 81. His death ironically was recorded as Randall with an 'a'.
Ephraim was a major benefactor in the Will of his Uncle Ephraim, and in turn, he left a legacy of £1401. 5s. 6d. to his son James.

ANCESTRY ~ Clement / Thomas / Thomas / Ephraim

Mary PARKER 1844

Ephraim Randell married Mary Parker in April 1869 in Holt.
Mary, who was four years younger than Ephraim, was born in April 1844 in Holt. She was the daughter of John Parker and Rachael Loynes. She was one of five children who lived with her parents and grandmother, Mary Loynes.
Grandmother Mary Loynes was the widow of Joseph Loynes who for many years had been the landlord of Holt's now defunct, Bull Inn. Both Mary and Joseph were born and married in Holt. Mary, originally Mary Spencer was born 1774, and married Joseph Loynes in 1798.
John Parker married their daughter Rachael Loynes in 1831. John Parker, originally from Ryburgh, was a master craftsman, making Gig's in Holt. A Gig, was a two wheeled sprung cart pulled by a single horse. Traditionally, a Gig was more formal than a village cart and would, by necessity, be of finer construction.
Unfortunately, Mary's father John, died aged 47 but her mother Rachael, lived until she was 73. In years following John's death, Rachael inexplicably becomes a Pork Butcher which all sounds like a medieval recipe, "Pork Loynes".
Mary Parker and Ephraim Randell had three children together, Emma, James and Annie Mary but both girls died as mature adults, each aged 25. Emma the oldest girl died, 9 December 1895 from Tuberculosis and Annie Mary died in childbirth in 1900.
Ephraim and Mary are recorded in the 1901 Census living in New Street, Holt as apparent retirees. The exact phrase used was "living on own means". This term was generally used to explain people who were living on an inheritance, investments, or rents, etc. It signified people at the upper level of society or at least 'well to do'. Pauper was the opposite. Ephraim Randell was a major benefactor of his Uncle and namesakes Last Will & Testament.
By 1911 Mary and Ephraim had moved across town and were living as self funded retirees in a relatively impressive seven room home in Peacock Lane, Holt.
Ephraim and Mary enjoyed 52 years of marriage. Once again I'm reminded how many of the Randells in this tree celebrated a golden wedding.
Mary Randell passed away, aged 85, in the April quarter of 1929. She was buried with Ephraim in Holt Methodist Chapel burial ground and a memorial stone records the event to this day.

Ephraim and Mary had the following children:

Emma RANDELL 1870 Holt, Norfolk
James RANDELL 1871 Holt, Norfolk
Annie Mary RANDELL 1875 Holt, Norfolk

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