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Francis Emma RANDELL 1877

The Chertsey Girls are intriguing. I find it hard to get a fix on their social and financial status. Their father had the misfortune to die before his eldest daughter was 18, yet the family continued to live at the same house and their circumstances seem little diminished. Circumstantial evidence suggests they were deeply religious. Perhaps this enable them to overcome the trials that were put in-front of them.
Named Francis Emma in the birth register but always referred to as Emma in the census, Francis Emma Randell was born a twin sister to Kate Mary, 12 October 1877. She was baptised with her twin sister in Chertsey, 13 January 1878.
In the 1881 census she was aged 3 and living at 'The Abbey' with her mother and father. In the next ten years she was to experience the death of her sister Lily and sadly her father, who died two months after her eighth birthday.
It worth noting, Justina another sister, died prior to Emma's birth and both sisters Annie Flora and Rose lost their husbands, in Roses case, twice in quick succession.
In 1891 Emma was an overnight visitor at the home of her Aunt Sarah Gough. Sarah was her mother's sister. Sarah Evans married Alfred Gough and moved to Chertsey around the same time as Justina and Thomas. In 1891 Sarah and Alfred lived in Silverlands Cottage, Chertsey and Alfred was employed as a game keeper.
I was unable to find Emma in the 1901 census but around October 1908 a Frances Emma Randell married Arthur Howard Heasman in Chertsey. It seems likely that Frances with a variant 'e' spelling was our Francis Emma but the only Arthur Howard Heasman I was able to find, was a far from an obvious choice. At the time of the marriage Emma would have been aged 31 and her groom, a significant eight years younger.
The 1911 census clarifies the picture and finds Grocers Assistant, Arthur H Heasman living at New Cottage, North Havant, Hampshire. He shares the cottage with his wife Francis Emma Heasman, born Chertsey and their only child Kathleen Frances aged 1 year. The 1911 census was filled out by the residents of the dwelling, and Arthur records his age as 26 years and his wife as 33 years.
Kathleen Frances Heasman was born in the March quarter of 1910 in Havant, Hampshire. Unfortunately, a Kathleen Frances Heasman, aged five years was to die in Chertsey 1915. It seems too much of a coincidence not to be the daughter of Emma & Arthur.
I was unable to find any other children connected to the couple.
Frances Emma Heasman, aged 85 of 487 Romsey Road, Maybush, Southhampton (wife of Arthur Howard Heasman) died 21 May 1963 at the General Hospital, Southhampton. She left a Will naming Arthur Heasman, retired Grocer, as the beneficiary, leaving £1566. 18s.
Arthur died in the same area 11 years later, age 89.

Francis Emma and Arthur Heasman had one child in 1911;
Kathleen Frances HEASMAN 1910, Havant, Hampshire

ANCESTRY ~ Clement / Thomas / Thomas / Thomas / Francis Emma

Arthur Howard HEASMAN 1885

In October 1908 Arthur Howard Heasman married Emma Randell in Chertsey.
In 1911 Arthur H Heasman was identified as a Grocers Assistant, living at New Cottage, North Havant, Hampshire with his wife and child. The 1911 census was filled out by Arthur, who recorded his age as 26 years. Adding with the precision of a book keeper his place of birth was 'the Parish of Bolney, Sussex'.
Arthur Howard Heasman was born 21 December 1884 in district of Cuckfield, West Sussex and baptised 22 February 1885 and appeared in the both the 1891 and 1901 census living in Bolney Street, Bolney, Sussex with his family. Today, Bolney is described as a charming semi-rural village with narrow sunken lanes, abundant trees and delightful hedgerows. This might be a slight exaggeration, as it omits to note the A23 runs along the edge and finally dissects the south village. That aside, in mediaeval times Bolney village held a 'Cherry Fair' which centred on the twelfth century St. Mary Magdalene Church in the centre of the village. Bolney has a high number of listed timber framed properties.
Arthur's father David, was a general labourer, whilst his mother Eliza was shepherding at least seven children who were born over a 22 year period. In 1901 Arthur H Heasman was 17 year old. He and his brother Walter were gainfully employed as Grocery Errand-boys. Both boys were still living in the cosy family home of Bolney Street.
Arthur and Emma's new home in Havant, Hampshire was, around 45 miles from Bromley and considerably further from Chertsey. These days it's not quite a 'charming semi-rural village' but it does have elements in common, a medieval church and listed timber framed houses. It would have had a few more but a catastrophic fire in 1760 remodelled the centre of village.
Arthur Howard Heasman died aged 89 in July 1974 and his death was registered in Southampton.
It seems likely Emma and Arthur were destined to have only the one child, who sadly appears to have died. This being the case, they represent another line of the Randells coming to an end.

Francis Emma and Arthur Heasman had one child in 1911;
Kathleen Frances HEASMAN 1910, Havant, Hampshire

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