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Eliza Allen RANDELL 1860

Eliza Allen Randell was born in 29 July 1860, the youngest child of Thomas Ere Randell & Judith Anne Mayes and the only one of their eight children to be born in Holt. The middle name 'Allen' has a certain mystique, clearly she is honouring one of the Allen families in Cromer but which one is unknown. The name obviously created confusion from the word go, the parish register shows the name written as Ellen and subsequently amended. Even stranger a second and completely unrelated Eliza Allen Randall was born in Lancashire the year before.birth cert
Despite the competition our Eliza Allen Randell aged 19, married Baker & Confectioner, Arthur Wade on 14 March 1880 in Holt.
Being the youngest child, Eliza shouldered some of the responsibility for caring for her elderly parents. The 1881 census records Eliza, together with her new husband Arthur Wade, living in the Randell family home in Crawes Yard, Holt. In the same census her father was recorded as retired but deaf.
Ten years later, in the 1891 census Eliza and Arthur are living in Saint Nicholas St, Thetford. The have no children of their own but staying with them is 11 year old ‘nephew’ Matthew Nobes. Whilst the original document is not absolutely clear,
Matthew was born at the same place and time, as Nathaniel Randell Nobes the child of Eliza’s sister Mary Ann Nobes (Randell). Given that Nathaniel is not with his parents I'm asserting that Mathew and Nathaniel are the same person. The two families appear close and in 1901 they were together again on census day but on that occasion at Mary Ann’s home in Holt.
The 1911 census finds the couple at 33 Granfield Street, North West Battersea, London. Arthur records that he has been married 31 years and pursuing the occupation of baker. Granfield Street still exists but the area bears no resemblance to the district Arthur and Eliza would have known, today it's modern high rise and a few tower blocks. Oddly it's a single street away from Randall Close.
William England (1860) who married Sarah Randell (1862) was also a Baker and Confectioner, as was Albert Yull (1863) who married Annie Randell (1875).
By 1911 they were both over fifty years and had no children.
In 1914 a death of Eliza A Wade aged 64 years, is recorded in the Wandsworth district which covers their home in Granfield Street but Eliza would have been 54 at the time so it remains far from conclusive. A more likely option could be Eliza A Wade, aged 78 who died in January 1937 in Faversham, Kent.

ANCESTRY ~ Clement / Thomas / Thomas / Eliza Allen

Arthur WADE 1858

Arthur Wade married Eliza Allen Randell in Holt in the first quarter of 1880.
Twenty one years later the couple feature in the 1901 census in a statistical irregularity. Arthur and Eliza Wade have the strange distinction of appearing twice in one year. In 1901 the couple were simultaneously recorded visiting Eliza’s sister, Mary Nobes in Holt and staying at a boarding house owned by a Mrs Phillips in Wisbech. In both records, Arthur was noted as a Baker and Confectioner, age 42, married without children.
Arthur Wade was born in Pulham Market in late 1858 and baptised 18 February 1859 at St Mary Magdalene Church, Pulham. He was the son of Richard Wade and Mary Staff both who hailed from Pulham Market. Richard Wade married Mary Staff, 21 August 1851 in the same church their children were baptised. Immediately prior to the marriage, Richard Wade had been lodging with the Staff family in Pulham.
Mary, the daughter of Edward and Elizabeth Staff was born 1 April 1827 and came from a family of leather glove makers, an occupation which appears to engage many of the locals.
The Wade family had a long association with Pulham. The graveyard of St Mary Magdalene Church has Wade’s who have been patiently waiting since 1685.
In the 1841 census, Robert Wade, born 1786 was the senior figure in the Wade family. The extended family appears to be spread over three adjoining homes and with the exception of Arthur’s father, Richard, all the adult males are Butchers. The mantle of Master Butcher was handed from generation to generation in the Wade family and this title was bestowed on different individuals in White’s Directory on several occasions. Striking fear in the heart of vegetarians everywhere, Arthur’s grandfather, Robert Wade, died in his mid nineties.
Arthur’s father, Richard born 17 September 1826, became a Cooper and Carpenter and broke the chain of butchers, unconsciously allowing his son the freedom of becoming a Baker.
When first married Eliza and Arthur were living in Holt, apparently caring for her aged parents. By 1891 they were established in Thetford, Norfolk and Arthur was a Baker and Confectioner, employing two assistants. Effectively the 1891 census is the most accurate image of them because the later census finds them away from home. By 1911 the couple had moved to London but beyond the obvious change of location, nothing was significantly different from the previous census.
Whilst the name 'Arthur Wade' appears many times in the death register only one candidate meets the requirements of age and location. Arthur Wade aged 73 years had the misfortune to die in West Ham, Essex in the September quarter of 1930. Given that his age matches his known birth and he's not too far from his last known location, Arthur Wade aged 73 seems a reasonable match.

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