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Cyril Henry RANDELL 1880

For a long time Cyril Henry Randell resided in my 'Lost Randells' file. He evaded detection entirely due to bad spelling.
Cyril was born around June 1880 in High Street, Ixworth, youngest child of 'Kathaniel Randell' [sic] and Emma Drake and if my maths are correct his mother was 43 when he was born.
Cyril appears for the first time in a census 3 April 1881, he was with his parents but recorded rather oddly, as zero years old. Ten years later he was still living with his parents in High Street and recorded simply as a scholar, aged ten.
When the next census was conducted 31 March 1901, 'Cyrel H Randell aged 20, born 1881, Ickworth, Suffolk', [sic] was a resident of 46-48 Tavern Street, Ipswich.
Tavern Street, today is the retail heart of Ipswich, a pedestrian mall with a mix of old and modern buildings on a medieval street plan. In 1901 Cyril was a 'Drapers Assistant' living with an extensive group of shop workers, drapers and the like. This mixed bag of haberdasher inhabited a large but anonymous building. It's unclear if they were living above a large shop/factory or in some 'Drapers only' boarding house.
In the 1911 census, a transcription of a 'Cyril Ranhdell' [sic] Draper, aged 30, single and born in Ixworth is included. Cyril shared accommodation with ten other male Drapers all aged between 18 and 37. Their home had in total ten rooms, assuming a kitchen and living room etc. we could conclude he was sharing a room.
His address was recorded as St Lawrence Lane, off Tavern Street, Ipswich. This address doesn't exist today however St Lawrence Church is accessed down a small medieval lane almost directly behind 46 Tavern Street.
With one final spelling variation, the death of a 'Cyril Randall' [sic] was registered in 1963 in the 'March' district of the Isle of Ely. Cyril Henry Randell died 18 February 1963 and left a Will bequeathing £320 to his niece 'Madelene Grace Randell spinster of Ixworth'.
At the time of his death he was living in Coronation Street, March, Cambridgeshire. Today this area would be regarded as classic fen country, a similar distance from Ixworth going North West as Ipswich is South East. Coronation Street does not appear on modern maps however Coronation Close is the current address of Heron House an established age care facility with uninterupted views over the fens.
Cyril Randall of Ely was 82 years old at death and the last of Nathaniel and Emma children to die. His passing was 97 years after his parents marriage, 134 years from his fathers birth and 180 from the birth of his grandfather.
It appears Cyril Henry Randell was never to marry and had no children.

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Madelene Grace RANDELL 1903

Madelene Grace Randell was the second child of Edwin Mullenger Randell and Hester Rackham. Her birth was registered in the Thingoe district of Suffolk in the first quarter of 1903. The 1911 census shows her at home with her parents and older brother Harald in the Post Office, High Street, Ixworth.
Because of the period that she lived, official records of her life are more difficult to access but a document recording Miss Madelene G Randell entering England at the port of Liverpool, 23 May 1928 confirms her address as Ixworth Post Office. The ship’s passenger list records her occupation as 'Telephone Operator'. She travelled from New York City on board the "Cameronia". Presumably she had travelled to Canada either with Harald or to visit him or the Cubitt family. Her return to England was around a month after the arrival of Harald and Olive on their first visit.
The death of Madelene G Randell, aged 63, was registered in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, October 1966. She died less than six years after her father and at death was 27 years younger than him but in the same vein she lived to be 7 years older than her mother.
In a not entirely unrelated coincidence her cousin Cyril Henry Randell died shortly before her and left his assets of £320 to her.
Madalene Grace also left a Will which bequeathed to her 'brother Harald Edwin Randell, retired department store manager, £4530'. The probate associated with the Will stated Madalene Grace Randell of 33 High Street, Ixworth died 20 October 1966 at West Suffolk General Hospital, Bury St Edmunds.

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