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Michael Randell Drake CUBITT 1899

Michael Randell Drake Cubitt is a dream name for a genealogists, it references both his grandparents on his mothers side and includes his father. Michael's brother Douglas Armitage Cubitt does exactly the same with his fathers side.
The convoluted expansive name also allows for complete confidence, when comparing records. Therefore when Michael Randell Drake Cubitt married Doris Irene Kathleen Rose Topple in Toronto, Canada, I can say the couple were unquestionably made for each other.
Doris, an eighteen year old bride, was born in London, England in 1904. Her parents were Arthur Herbert Topple and Annie Baxter. On the certificate they provided their address as 391 Millwood Place, York, Toronto. The service took place at St Cuthbert's Church on the 18 December 1922. The groom who was 23 years old, left from his parents home which was 121 Raleigh Ave, Toronto.
Photographer, Michael Cubitt crossed the border from Canada into Washington State in February of that same year, 1922. He provided his parents address, Raleigh Ave, as a contact but he recorded his last permanent address as Vancouver and his intended destination as Salem, which I assume is in Massachusetts, although there are several, including one in Oregon directly south of Washington.
I found one other record of Michael, his Canadian War Service Record. He enlisted 23 May 1918 in Toronto with the 69th Overseas Battery. At the medical his age was recorded as 19 and 1 month and his occupation Photo Engraver. His date and place of birth stated as 21 April 1899, Yorkshire, England. His home address was 275 Davisville Ave, Toronto, Canada and his next of kin stated as his mother Ellen Cubitt.
He didn't go too well on the medical, having recorded all the normal grey eyes, brown hair, complexion medium, height 5 feet 8, mole on back of left hand, scar on left shin he also attracted the note, wax left ear, deflected septum and enlarged turbinates. In layman's terms he had a severely blocked nose which may have needed correction with minor surgery or given the spring weather may have been a result of severe hay fever.
However, a second document created a year earlier, 16 March 1917, by the Royal Naval Canadian Volunteer Reserve shows that M. R. Drake Cubitt was rejected for service due to medical unfitness.
Finally, defying his alleged medical failings and out living both his younger brothers, Michael R Cubitt born 21 April 1899, died aged 90 in Monroe County, New York, USA on Wednesday, 18 October 1989. Doris I Cubitt born 12 July 1904 died in the same location, one day short of five years later, 17 October 1994.

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Douglas Armitage Bishop CUBITT 1901

Samuel Pye Cubitt and Ellen Marian Randell had three children, Michael Randell Drake Cubitt, Douglas Armitage Bishop Cubitt, and several years later Cyril. Douglas the middle child was born 25 January 1901 in Epworth, Lincolnshire where the family had a small shop.
Douglas remains a little more obscure than his elder brother. Being too young for the Great War, he is not in the Canadian War Service Records 1914-18 but a Private D A Cubitt does appear on 'sheet 4' of a passenger list from The Queen Elizabeth. The list, compiled 17 October 1945, relates to Canadian Servicemen evidently returning from the war in Europe. The ship docked in New York 7 December 1945.
The Queen Elizabeth was launched in late 1938, and converted to a troopship by 1940. After 1942, both ocean liners Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mary were relocated to the North Atlantic. Queen Elizabeth alone carried more than 750,000 troops across the Atlantic.
One particular serviceman was identified as Private D A Cubitt - C35093, of the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps. The Service Corps were logistical support, supplying all food, ammunition and equipment to the fighting troops in Europe. With a remarkable brevity the army recorded his next of kin as; wife, Mrs Cubitt and his home address as Picton, Ontario. Given that the family at this point were in Ontario is reasonable to assume that D A Cubitt is Douglas Armitage but also worth considering by December 1945 he was nearly 45 years old. Not an impediment to a administrator sat at a desk but it does open up the option of it being a son.
Douglas Armitage Bishop Cubitt died aged 84 years, 29 November 1985 in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. The details provided at his death, state that he was survived by his wife Patricia Marjorie Stone and additionally confirm his parents as Samuel & Ellen Cubitt and date of birth 25 January 1901 in Epworth, Lincolnshire.
A Patricia Marjorie Stone was born 4 July 1906 in Toronto, York County, Ontario, Canada. Her parents were Campbell Stone and Alice Burton Pike who I thought had a loose Scottish feel but I could find nothing at all about them or for that matter Patrica herself.

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Cyril CUBITT 1910

The 1911 UK census reveals the Cubitt family in three different locations, Samuel Pye Cubitt was working in his home town of Castleford, the two boys were at what I assume to be the family home in Trimingham and Ellen Marian, accompanied by her youngest son Cyril, were visiting her mother in Ixworth.
Cyril Cubitt was born 29 November 1909 in Trimingham, Norfolk. Given that his brothers had a multitude of family connected names, Cyril was a remarkably uncomplicated choice. It was also the name given to Ellen's brother Cyril Henry.
Tragically, most of the information I have about Cyril Cubitt comes from the hospital register recording his death. Cyril Cubitt, aged only 19 years, died 29 January 1929 in Toronto General Hospital, Toronto, Canada.
At his death he worked as a Lithographer, and was living with his parents Ellen and Samuel, at the family home at 211 Glengarry Avenue, Mount Pleasant, Toronto.
The cause of death was stated as "Bronchial Pneumonia following localised infection of the cortex of the brain which caused paralysis of the right side - probably Influenza in origin - one week."

ANCESTRY ~ Thomas / Nathaniel / Ellen Marion / Cyril

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