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Annie Mary RANDELL 1875

Annie Mary Randell was born in April 1875 in Holt. She was the youngest of the three children born into the marriage of Ephraim Randell and Mary Parker. I was unable to find a baptism record for her or her siblings which may suggest her parents were so called 'Non-conformists', most likely Methodists. Her early life was spent in the embrace of her family in Cley St. and then New St., Holt.
By the 1891 census, Annie Mary, aged 16, was recorded as a pupil teacher at Holt School. The original 1891 document offering her the position still exists and is held in the Norfolk Records Office under the title "Memoranda of agreement for the engagement as pupil teacher at Holt Board school of Annie Mary Randell". Annie's cousin Ellen Marion Randell, born in Ixworth was also recorded as a school teacher.
In July 1896 the wedding bells of Holt rang out as Annie Mary Randell married 33 year old Albert Yull, a widowed baker. Albert's first wife, Adelaide, had died in January 1894 leaving one child Sydney Herbert Yull. Annie Mary who was twenty one when she married and assumed the role of mother or guardian to Sydney H, who was five when she arrived.
After a polite three years of marriage Annie Mary and Albert Yull produced a daughter of their own, Kathleen Anna Yull, born 23 March 1899.
Tragically, after less than four years of marriage Annie Mary died in the early winter of 1900. She died 15 February 1900 leaving a daughter less than a year old, an adopted son and Albert who was widowed for the second time in seven years. Her demise also marked the second death for her parents Ephraim and Mary, who had suffered the loss of their only other daughter five years earlier.
At the time of her death the Yull family were living together in 17 Church Street, East Dereham. Albert had his own bakery which employed assistants and the household had two servants. Sadly Annie was only 24 when she died.

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Kathleen Anna Yull 1899

1911 found the Yull family on the threshold of a more optimistic future. Annie Mary's daughter, Kathleen Anna (born 23 March 1899), by then 12 years old, had lost her mother as an infant and in more recent memory witnessed the death of her older brother, Sydney Herbert but acquired a new mother some stability. Albert's third marriage to Sarah Ann produced four siblings. The youngest of the 'Chell' children, Aileen, was sixteen years younger than Kathleen.
During this period the family home at 17 Church Street, East Dereham must have been a complex mix of memories, children, new partners and relationships. In 1911 the family, who were aided and abetted by two live in servants and a nurse for the baby, were draped over seven rooms plus the bakery and kitchen.
The next formal notification of Kathleen was in the official Marriage Register, October 1925 when the record shows Kathleen Anna Yull married Cecil Henry Rickwood (or Rickword) in Lambeth, Surrey. The following year, 26 March 1926, the couples first child John Harold Rickwood was born. He was followed by Elizabeth M Rickwood in the March quarter of 1931. Oddly both children are recorded as Rickwood & Rickword, mothers maiden name 'Yull'. I suspect the pronunciation of Rickword and Rickwood are the same in a similar way to Yull and Yule.
Incredibly a matter of months after the birth of Elizabeth, and following the tragic pattern set by her father, Kathleen Anna lost her husband. Cecil Henry Rickword died 4 May 1931, aged 31 years in The Cottage Hospital, Frimley. At the time of his death, Kathleen & Cecil lived at 99 Holland Road, Kensington. Today an address would represent very expensive housing.
The ill-fated Cecil died in Frimley Cottage Hospital a private establishment, opened in 1909 and at that time associated with treating tuberculosis. Cecil had prepared a Will in which he bequeathed £1218 to Kathleen. For 1931 this would have been a considerable sum but it could not in anyway compensate for the loss of a husband and father. *Nb, Houses in Kensington in 1931, the heart of the Great Depression, sold for around £6oo pounds and minimum wages for Agricultural workers were set at £85 per annum.
Cecil was the eldest of two children in the family of prominent Surveyor, Henry Rickword and his wife Maude Sarah (Bellamy). In 1900 the Rickword's lived at 3 Palmerston Mansions, Hammersmith. In 1908 the family installed a telephone to compliment their life in the 'elegant garden squares of fashionable West London'.
By 1911 Cecil Henry, a school boy, was at home with his parents at 7 St Andrews Road, West Kensington. Cecil and his only brother Harold George enjoyed eight rooms, a back garden that literally looked on the the courts of the Queens Tennis Club and if they if they became bored they could enjoy the company of Erich Karbis, a German speaking, Prussian Corn Merchant, staying as a house guest.
As far as I'm aware Kathleen was never to remarry and died aged 81 years in March 1980 in Maidstone, Kent.
Kathleen's son John Harold Rickword died in 1999, in Bristol, Gloucestershire, he was aged 73. Whether by design or coincidence, all the great grandchildren of Ephraim and Mary Randell of Holt gravitated to Bristol.

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Albert YULL 1863

Albert Yull appears to have inhabited a life interspersed by great tragedy. Albert was born 6 March 1863 and baptised 31 May 1863 at St Edmund Church, Swanton Novers. In 1871 he was one of eight children living at home, but other sources suggest his mother had possibly as many as fifteen children. His parents were John Yull and Hannah Burgess. John Yull was a farmer, nurseryman and seed producer who lived in Fakenham Road, Briston which is very close to Swanton Novers.
Albert became a baker and may have completed an apprenticeship with his uncle Robert Yull, a master baker, who had a shop front bakery in High Street, East Dereham. In 1881 Albert and his sister Catherine were both employed and living with Robert Yull and his wife, Mary and her elderly father, George Hammond, also a master baker.
Six years later, Christmas Day 1887, Albert Yull married Adelaide Ann Foulser at St Mary's Church, Kenninghall, Norfolk. Kenninghall may have been Adelaide's home but on at least two occasions she recorded her home town as Diss which is slightly south west of Kenninghall. In 1881 she was significantly employed as the cook in the residence of Brewery Owner, Hugh William Tyrwhitt-Drake in Maidstone, Kent.
Once married the couple had a son, Sydney Herbert Yull, who was born in 1889. By the 1891 census, Albert, Adelaide and son Sydney were living in Church Street, East Dereham, in a bakery of their own.
Albert Yull makes various appearances in Trade Directories of the period. In Kelly's Directory of both 1896 and 1912, which was the last I was able to access, he was recorded in the section Bakers, Confectioners and Pastry Cooks operating a business at 17 Church St, East Dereham.
Unfortunately, Adelaide died 12 February 1894, three years after they married. She was age 35. Albert left with a small child remarried three years after the death of Adelaide. His second marriage was to Annie Mary Randell. They were married in July 1896 in Holt and had their only child, Kathleen Anna Yull in April 1899. Tragically Annie Mary Randell, aged 24, died the following year leaving Albert a widow for the second time in five years.
In the 1901 census Albert was recorded still living in Church Street with his two children. Occupying the role of female guardian was Albert's sister Edith. He appears to have all the trapping of success, being recorded as an employer and baker with his own shop. Two years later Albert married for the third time. On the third occasion his wife was Sarah Ann Chell, who was born 20 January 1873 in Wolverhampton, Staffordshire. Prior to the marriage she was in East Dereham working as a Milliner. The marriage took place locally in the early spring of 1903. Unfortunately even then, the story has no happy ending as Albert's son Sydney Herbert from his first marriage also died, age 16, in the winter of 1905.
The Yull family in the 1911 census comprised parents Albert & Sarah Ann and three children by age Kathleen Annie Yull (b.1899), George Albert Robert Yull (b.1009), and John Howard Yull (b.1910). Two other children are recorded born to Albert and Sarah Ann, Albert E Yull in 1914 and Aileen in 1915.
Recently two daughters of George A R Yull contacted me and astonished me by confirming at the time of writing 'John (b.1910) is living in Bournemouth'. They also confirmed 'unfortunately George is no longer with us, and lovely Aunt Aileen died only last year (2009)'.
The sisters have several photographs one shows the entire Yull family including Albert and his third wife who is named as 'Cissie' in the photograph. 'Cissie' seems to have been a common affectionate name for the eldest sister in many Norfolk families of the period. My grandfather had a sister known as 'Cissie'.
In 1911 Albert Yull owned the Bakery at 17 Church Street, East Dereham which specialised in Bread, Pastry and Cakes. His wife Sarah Ann assisted in the business and two servants brought up the rear.
Albert Yull died in East Derham age 80 years in 1943 and Sarah Ann followed him eight years later in 1951. She was aged 77 years.

Albert Yull and Annie Mary Randell had one child:

Kathleen Anna YULL 1899 Mitford Norfolk.

yull shop
An early view of East Derham showing Albert Yull's Shop below the church

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