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Alice RANDELL 1871

Alice Randell was born in 'The Abbey', Chertsey, Surrey, in October 1871. She was the third of the six girls born to Thomas Randell and Justina Evans.
Alice was recorded in the 1881 census living with her family in the family home but ten years later, at the age of 19, Alice Randell was in Newnham, Hampshire a tiny village 4 miles east of Basingstoke but significantly on a direct train line from Chertsey. She was working as a parlour maid in the home of Captain William Pechell, an officer and gentleman of the 3rd North Fusiliers.
As a complete aside Captain Pechell fought in the Crimean War, and is featured in a famous 1855 photograph by Roger Fenton arguably the first war photojournalist. The image shows Pechell and his men looking rather forlorn in winter clothing.
Alice's arrival at Pechell's estate followed the unfortunate death of her father, but it was not unusual for young ladies to take a position in service and given the family continued to live at 'The Abbey', I can see no evidence that it was motivated by hard times.
Six years later, 30 September 1897, Alice Randell aged 25, was back in Chertsey and merrily skipping down the aisle with the love of her life Frank Phillip Webber a Canadian born house painter. The church register of her marriage confirms her father as Thomas Randell, Engineer, deceased. It also records the witnesses as sister Rose and William Evans, who has the potential to be her mothers elder brother. Most strikingly it names her husband as Frank Philipp Webber, aged 26 a widower, the son of Philipp Webber, an Upholsterer. Philipp in both instances and his signature is written one 'l' and double 'p'. Not that this moves anything forward as I can find nobody in Canada called Philipp Webber.
By the time the 1901 census was published, Alice & Frank had a son, Harold and were living in a cottage in Willow Walk, Chertsey. By 1911 the couple were still living in Chertsey, at The Willows, Willow Walk with two children, Harold aged 12 and younger sister Esme aged 9. The official records show both children were born in Chertsey. Harold Frank Phillip Webber was born in the July quarter of 1898 and Camille Esme Webber was born in the same quarter three years later, July 1901.
Willow Walk today appears on modern maps as a pathway or bridleway that runs across the back of the area known as The Abbey Chase. At the west end of Willow Walk almost facing the house called 'The Abbey' are a couple of magnificent, wood frame cottages but generally the accommodation is pleasant Victorian cottages facing open meadow.
The death of Frank Phillip Webber, aged 69, was registered in 1940 in the district of Surrey Northwest. Given the combination of names and location it's reasonable to assume Frank was the husband of Alice.
Alice Webber died 17 July 1956. Her Will described her as widow, Alice Webber of Willow Walk, Chertsey and stated she died at The Grange, St Anns Hill Chertsey. She died aged 85, leaving assets of £2084. 7s. 11d. to her children Harold Frank Phillip Webber, Chemist and his sister Camille Esmee Webber, spinster.

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Frank Phillip WEBBER 1872

According to the 1901 UK census, Frank Phillip Webber aged 29 years was born in Canada in 1872. By the 1911 census, Frank Phillip had been refined to Francis Webber, born Quebec, Canada, 1872. I was unable to find him in the 1891 UK census, suggesting he landed in England after 1891. Unfortunately the first national census of Canada was held in 1901, prior to that individual Provinces operated their own statics. I couldn't link any Canadian records to a Frank or Francis Phillip Webber. Whilst several thousand Canadians were recorded in England in 1901 and 1911, Frank was the only Canadian named Webber.
Frank Phillip Webber was engauged as a Master House Painter and Decorator working in and around Surrey. His employment status was recorded as 'Foreman' and 'employee' at both the time of his marriage and the two UK census.
Alice Randell married Frank Phillip Webber in July 1897 in Chertsey and by 1901 the Webber family comprised Alice, Francis and their son Harold. Several other Webber children, all girls, were born in Cherstey during the following five years but the 1911 census confirms only one of these as their child. Camille Esme Webber, born late in 1901 was recorded with the family as Esme.
Frank Webber died in 1940, a period which coincides with the turmoil of the London Blitz and unfortunately this proved to be the case. 'Frank Phillipe Webber, aged 69, husband of Alice, was injured at Willow Walk, Chertsey, 16 November 1940 and died that day in Botley's Park War Hospital.' - 1939/45 Civilian War Deaths.

Frank and Alice had the following children:

Harold Frank Phillip WEBBER 1898 Chertsey, Surrey.
Camille Esme WEBBER 1901 Chertsey, Surrey.

Harold Frank Phillip WEBBER 1898

A 'Private 350861 - Harold F P Webber, Essex Regiment' is included in the British Army WWI Medal Rolls Index Cards, 1914-1920. Unfortunately, in true military style it gives only his name, rank and number but the convoluted name, with three matching initials, suggest this may be the son of Alice and Frank.
Harold Frank P Webber died in the spring of 1983, aged 85 years. The record of his death, lodged in the Northern District of Surrey, stated he was born 28 July 1898. I was unable to find any reference to him or his sister marrying, which doesn't mean they didn't, it just means I'm unable to find it.
The Will of his mother Alice, named him as a Chemist.

Camille Esmée WEBBER 1901

Camille Esmée Webber birth was registered in the July quarter of 1901 in the district of Chertsey.
After the 1911 census the name Camille Esmée Webber appears briefly in the Electoral Registers. Between 1931 & 1938 Camille Esme Webber is recorded in the Electoral Registers living at 11 Melrose Road, Pinner. Also at that address, for the entire period, were Charles James, Elizabeth & Florence Louisa Wells.
Camille Esme Webber born 7 July 1901, died October 1990 in North Western, Surrey. She was aged 89 and from her name we can assume she never married or had children. A causality of a war that killed a generation of eligible suitors.

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